Cuts to Armed Forces Wages ruled Unconstitutional


The Greek Council of State has ruled that the cuts made to the wages of members of the armed forces, police, coast guard and firemen in August 2012, were unconstitutional and that the government must pay the salaries it withheld.

This decision has stunned the Greek government and scuppered its plans for sharing the primary surplus with vulnerable groups.

According to an official of the Greek Ministry of Finance, it is estimated that this will cost the government approximately 500 million euros. This amount includes retroactive changes to pensions and salaries after promotions.

“The Greek Government will have to pay approximately 500 million euros” said the Ministry official. However he made it clear that officials will only be able to make a precise estimate of total costs once the Council of State publishes its full decision.

The Troika is also said to be concerned about these developments.

“The reasoning behind the Council of State’s decision to rule that the 10 percent cut in the wages of the armed forces, police, coast guards and firemen in August 2012 were unconstitutional, is that all of these men and women in uniform make up the central core of the State. They must therefore be specially treated,” according to a judicial official speaking to the news agency Reuters.



  1. Sounds like the government is looking to buy more votes.
    What about the rest of the Greeks? Don’t they deserve a roll back as well?

  2. One of the chief responsibilities of our government is defense. Given how many Greek haters there are out there these days, we need a strong military. (as our former allies have betrayed us). Although our government isn’t strong enough on defense, the alternative of Syriza would be far far worse (who have no immigration policy whatsoever — effectively treason)

    For those that care about Hellenism, money for the military is far better investment than treasonous anti-hellenic far leftist extremists that support mass illegal immigration.

  3. Not as bad as communist parties like Syriza. They are kings of buying votes. Their whole corrupt collectivist ideology revolves around votes for money. They steal money from the producers of our society and”generously” give it to themselves. Communism is just another name for party of lazy incompetent thieves.

  4. It looks like the Greek Government is buying themselves loyalty and protection against revolt once they impose further cuts on the Greek population coming soon with the Third memorandum.

  5. “Even though the decision will not be formally issued for at least a few weeks, the country’s creditors have already sent an e-mail to the ministry asking for details on the issue and on the government’s intentions regarding the shortfall that any compensation will create.

    For now the ministry has not said anything formally about how that possible gap in the streamlining program could be covered, citing the lack of a formal verdict. However there is very little room for maneuver and the amount of 500 million euros could come from the imposition of a new tax or a cut to salaries or pensions, while a senior ministry official said the impact of the verdict may in fact exceed 500 million euros.
    The Finance Ministry’s aim is to plug that hole without imposing any harsh measures in the form of salary or pension cuts or new taxes, but that will most likely fail if the need to cover the wage cuts annulled by the Council of State is added to the fiscal gap”


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  8. It looks like its time to take your medicines ,poor thing.I didn’t know they have Internet at the Greek mental hospitals,but then,hey, our money buy the Greeks quite a bit of luxuries.

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    While I prefer to call you a Nazi (simpler description of what your agenda is) , a professional psychiatrist would almost certainly argue your erratic obsessive behavior towards Greeks falls under some sort of mental illness. See you at your next rant Nazi.

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  11. More Crimes against the People & Servicemen from this Gov’t of Thieves and Liars…
    What about the 250 million Euros missing in ‘bogus loans’ from their Banker Cronies that PASOK & ND never paid a cent back on yet? Why is there NO inquiry where these millions went & into whose GREEDY pockets??? Where’s the Press & Justice System to ask questions?
    And Why hasn’t Venizelos had his immunity lifted and been arrested for hiding the Legarde List in his home for 2 years?
    Just incredible hypocracy from the scum in PASOK & ND — GET RID OF THEM!

  12. That is EXACTLY what they are doing — paying to stop their military and service men from bringing down this Gov’t of Crooks & Thieves!

  13. In light of ND and PASOK’s decades of political appointments, false promises and record of corruption it is remarkable that you consider SYRIZA as buying votes. How did you come to this conclusion?

  14. I see it as the courts trying to protect what’s left of the uniformed services from self-absorbed politicians.

  15. Syriza is buying votes by pandering to cheap populism. Vote for them and the government money will start flying again (just like Papandreou did to get elected).

    They are liars. They have no way to do what they claim they will do. because there is no money to give.

    Communists encourage hysteria and feed off the misery of the poor during crisis to gain political power.

    We have nearly 100 years of global empirical data on communism. It is a dismal failure. Communists like Tsipiras, much like anarchists, are self-destructive extremists that refuse to face the reality their highly centralized system of government not only does not work but its even oppressive. Greece’s certainly economy didn’t fail because of frugal government spending and free market economics. It failed because we were way to socialist to the point it destroyed our competitiveness and fostered state dependence.

    Its not a question of whether ND and Pasok made mistakes. (they botjh did) Its a question of what is currently the best course of action for Greece. Giving political power to communists (supported by ex-Pasok voters that pretend they had nothing to do with wildly supporting it for decades) and fascists (former ND voters that pretend they had nothing to do with supporting ND for decades) will be a disaster for Greece.

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  17. If anything anti-Greek fanatics like you and Tedi should be barred from Greece for your extreme anti-Greek rhetoric.

  18. If you consider China a dismal failure, then I would agree. Every party buys votes some more than others.. Last year ND under Samaras’ direction a lottery was created for farmers to vacation in Greece at a resort entirely paid for with borrowed euros. PASOK for decades while ND did nothing, bought votes and ruined the economy and peoples work ethic in the process. Buying votes is as old as democracy. The problem comes when there is no more to giveaway and the population have been conditioned to being dependent on government. Essentially generations have lost their independence and ability to make a living outside of government dependency. These people are social-economic write offs that can never be re-educated to being productive citizens. Given where we are as a nation, we do not trust anyone currently in power and have a healthy skepticism for the opposition as you can see by the widening polarization of the electorate in the polls. Look at the tenure of this failing coalition government and the pending SYRIZA debacle, as a badly needed lesson we must experience before we as a nation and people can recover.

  19. In what country do judges make economic policy other then Greekistan?

    Greekistan is way past a joke and making banana republics look good.

  20. New Democracy reportedly owes some 105 million euros ($142.5 million) to the state-operated ATEbank, which had to be taken over by Piraeus bank because of bad loans, and 15 million euros ($20.3 million) to Piraeus Bank. PASOK reportedly has borrowed 97 million euros from ATEbank,($131.72 million) along with 22 million euros ($29.8 million) from Attica Bank, 10 million euros ($13.5 million) from Marfin and 5 million euros ($6.79 million) from Piraeus. New Democracy and PASOK are a combined €254 million in debt!!! WHERE HAS ALL THIS MONEY GONE? It’s gone into the pockets of the corrupt politician-gangsters that serve in Greece’s two biggest crime syndicates, New Democracy and PASOK.

    Will you ignore the unprecedented corruption of the New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime, aka Venizelos-Samaras Junta like an obedient little Junta fanatic?