Former Greek Football Star in Custody


Former Greek AEK Athens’s player who was also briefly chairman, Thomas Mavros is in custody due to the debts of the football club.

Mavros is regarded as having been one of the best professional football players in Greece, having scored a record number of goals for AEK. He was also the fan’s favorite with whom he had a special bond. He is considered one of the most significant figures in AEK’s history. His love of the club led him to take over its management, at a time when it was on the verge of collapse due to financial difficulties. His spell as AEK’s chairman was short (1/8/2012-3/10/2012), but enough to land him in difficulty.

Mavros was arrested today in relation to AEK’s outstanding debts to the Greek State. In fact all of the clubs previous chairmen from 2004 until 2013 had faced the same problems. Mavros is accused of financial fraud and is being questioned regarding the club’s debts. Debts that were created by the real owners of AEK Athens F.C.