OECD: Greek Students Are Unhappy

    OECD Study 2A study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) asked school children from 65 different countries to note their level of happiness and unhappiness in school by providing an answer to the question “Do you feel happy in school.”

    According to the performance-oriented study which focused on the students’ performances in mathematics, natural sciences and writing, it is revealed that Greece ranks very low among the other countries.

    The top of the list ranking as happy and excellent students are from China, Singapore, Japan and Switzerland, followed by students in Belgium, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The most miserable pupils and low-achievers are found in Argentina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Russia, Italy and the United States.

    Greek schools rank fourth among the worst schools on the chart after Qatar, Argentina and Cyprus, which facilitates the world’s unhappiest students. The results display that the combination of performance and mood in Greek schools is highly disappointing.

    The report also reveals some curious facts concerning other countries, where pupils may demonstrate very good performance but have a very negative mood towards learning, such as in South Korea and Estonia. Nevertheless, there are also countries, where students may be happy but their performances are not so promising, such as in Colombia, Peru and Indonesia.

    A detailed diagram of the OECD study and the lists for best and worst schools are shown below:

    OECD study

    OECD study 1


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