Teacher Accused of Urging Students to Slap Classmate

slapA 50-year-old teacher is detained in the Police Department of Arta, central Greece, following a complaint made ​​by the mother of an 8-year-old student. The mother reported that the teacher urged her son’s classmates to slap him, as a punishment for being noisy in the class.

According to the report of the 8-year-old student, the teacher immobilized the child and ordered the other classmates to slap him, while two of them where standing in front of the classroom’s door to prevent the child from escaping.

When the young student returned to his home he was frightened and in a state of shock. He told his mother what transpired and she immediately transported him to the local hospital. The doctors reported that the 8-year-old boy is suffering serious facial injuries. On Wednesday, the 50-year-old teacher will be taken to the prosecutor.

Although corporal punishment in schools is prohibited in most countries in the world, including Greece, it is considered by many as necessary discipline and is even encouraged.

Many psychiatrists, sociological researchers and psychologists have proved that corporal punishment has a destructive effect on children as they are likely to develop an aggressive or violent behavior in teenage and adult years. Moreover, this kind of punishment distracts children from learning how to resolve conflict in an effective and humane way.


  1. If there is no discipline at home the kiddies are either going to learn it from the police or military. The old saying about the spanking in school is nothing compared to spanking that was awaiting them at home is appropriate. Perhaps the 8 year old will be better behaved and listen in the future. Socio-pathological behavioral conditioning experts created these little monsters that grow up to become lawyers and politicians.

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