UN Dismayed Over Migrant Boat Sinking in Greece

    immigrantsThe United Nations refugee agency has expressed dismay at the capsizing of a boat carrying migrants to Greece illegally, leaving 12 people feared drowned.
    The UNCHR late Tuesday urged the government to investigate why the accident occurred as a stranded fishing boat was being towed by a Greek coast guard vessel in the eastern Aegean.”UNHCR is urging the authorities to investigate this incident and how lives were lost on a boat that was under tow,” said Laurens Jolles, UNHCR’s Southern Europe Regional Representative, said in a statement. “Survivors neet to be quickly moved to the mainland so that their needs can be better looked after,” he added.

    Greek authorities said 16 people were rescued following Monday’s incident near the small island of Farmakonisi, but 12 others were still missing after a two-day search.
    The bodies of a 11-year-old child and a 38-year-old woman were located off the Turkish coast by Turkish authorities on Wednesday.
    Authorities said the boat had been carrying 26 Afghans and two Syrians, and that the missing included infants and children.
    (source: AP)


    1. Small inflatables hardly constitute as proper sea going fishing boats, and the risk of capsizing an overloaded inflatable boat at sea must be high.

    2. These were illegal 3rd World immigrant criminals who arrogantly disregarded Greece’s sovereignty, and immigration laws. From what i’ve heard several of the illegals jumped overboard, the others rushed to one side of the boat and it capsized. The Greek coastguard tried it’s best to assist these 3rd Worlders at the expense of Greek taxpayers.

    3. Note the UN colours of the inflatable. The UN must now be sponsoring human trafficking. If they are they should all be given UN approved swimming lessens and a Kefalogiannis Tourist/Visa package before the embark for Greece.

    4. What authority do “Migrants” have heading to Greece especially when UN vessels are transiting thought Greece’s territorial waters with Syrian WMDs. Did their traffickers not read the navigation notices? The UN ships carrying the WMDs could experience a bump in the night and not know is was a boatload of “Migrants”, nor would they risk to stop and pick them up.
      No one in the overloaded inflatable is wearing a life preserver nor has the operator paid their Circulation Tax. Thus they obviously disregard the law before they set foot on land……send them back.

    5. You have no heart! We need more future Greeks in Greece & these people are just the solution!!

    6. How do you think Greeks got to the islands? We are natural swimmers Olympian Diana Nyad for example at age 64 swam from Cuba to the US.

    7. This issue of perilous rescue of illegal migrants is nothing new, so I’m puzzled that the UN are on their high horse. There is no mention that the problem is compounded by unscrupulous criminal traffickers who profit handsomely from this illicit activity. As is the experience in a number of countries around the world, this is not some chance happening. It is a systematic smuggling of human cargo by whatever desperate means. The authorities have their work cut out stemming the tide and the UN had better start focussing more on the root causes from countries of origin and departure than dealing with the symptoms. I get the impression of UN attitude that they are merely “shifting chairs on the Titanic”.

    8. Agreed, Secretary General Bam-Kai-Boom is fixated on Syria and Iraq and likewise the media almost by purposeful intent. Very little appears anywhere that addresses the criminal human trafficking issue, while almost daily the victim nations are held hostage to predatory media practices of supposed human rights organizations. This is one key area the coalition could make a vocal stand in opposition and point the finger of accusation at the enabling nations of Turkey, Egypt and Libya.
      Unfortunately EU President Samaras is focused on his legacy and resume building while trying to appease his base and put out fires before the May elections. Foreign Minister and DPM Venizelos could breath some life back into his party if he made it a public issue, but that would pose obstacles he would prefer to avoid. So the political circus carousel of ND and PASOK will continue to spin in circles a little longer getting us no where.

    9. LOL..reality is that most Greeks can’t swim, in Greece & out in the diaspora.

      I think GR wrote an article about that but we knew this already you islander

    10. The UN openly supports the dispossession of Europeans by Third Worlders. The UN can go to Hell.

    11. Greece is unable to look after its own people let alone launch an investigation…into illegal immigrants…Where do they think they are???
      Welcome to Greece??? They get treated better than Greeks do…so the UN should not worry…

    12. When will the UN express dismay at the shrinking indigenous European populations? Hell, London, a historically White city, has a non-White majority population. Where is the “dismay”?