Farmakonisi Incident Triggers Rallies in Athens

against racism  GreekThe incident that took place earlier this week involving a boat transporting illegal immigrants in the Aegean Sea and the Greek coast guard, has triggered many anti-racist demonstrations which are scheduled to take place in the following days.

The anti-racist initiatives and immigrants’ communities calling for the demonstrations mention in their invitation, “The Fortress Europe” murders even children. Political and criminal responsibilities are to be brought immediately.” They also note that these deaths come as a direct result of the cruel European and Greek policy targeting illegal immigration, which exposes human lives to great risks. The network consisting of many communities and anti-racist initiatives are scheduled to round-up Saturday noon at Syntagma square.

Furthermore, another rally is being scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, January 30, by more immigrants’ communities initiatives against racism, students and syndicates. In their statement, the organizations compare the incident in Farmakonisi to the capsizing of a boat carrying illegal immigrants off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa in October 2013, which led to the death of at least 300 people and to the outcry of the international community. The statement says, among others, “The gruesome crime committed by the Greek coast guard in Farmakonisi leading to twelve deaths, among them eight women and children, is as brutal as the crime in Lampedusa.”

“The complaints of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees leave no doubt for the criminal responsibilities of the authorities. It is not the first time that immigrants drown in their vessels while being repelled from the coast guard to get back to international waters, with their inflatable boats being punctured with knives and women and children being let to drown,” continues the statement.

A full report on the incident can be read here and here.


  1. Until there is a full and complete hearing regarding the circumstances these demonstrators are wasting oxygen. UNHCR High Commissioner Guterres is once again shooting from the hip without all the facts. He would be wise to hold his tongue and his media trigger finger.

  2. You can be all the people that keep to a pre-judgement about the incident were treasonous leftist extremists and meddling anti-Greek foreigners interfering in our domestic affairs. (slandering us by framing every attempt to protect our sovereign borders as “racism”)

    The anti-Greeek hypocritical POS attempt to stop us for allowing illegals into our country… then stop them and deport illegals in their own countries (with far less per capita than Greece).

    Greeks need to stop listening to these slick talking foreign funded NGOs. They don’t care abou the Greek people. They are ANTI-Greek (as witnesed by the fact they support illegal immigration into our country and look the other way with the Skopians).

    Anyone that puts “human rights” in their organization name is an fraud that is trying to silence debate over their personal politics. If you oppose them on some issue, you aren’t opposing their politics, you are opposing “human rights”.

    NGO that criminally support illegal immigration into our country or call FYROM “Macedonia” should be kicked out of Greece. They are literally trying to subtlely ethnically erase us. Wake up Greece.

  3. “Furthermore, another rally is being scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, January 30, by more immigrants’ communities initiatives against racism,”

    I.e. rally by ILLEGALs for other illegals (give a foot they take a mile) who try to find any Greek leftist stupid and treasonous enough to support them (even shamelessly manipulate our children for political ends). Meanwhile in China, Britain, Israel, Germany, South Korea, Japan,… they are busy DEPORTING ILLEGALS.

    “The gruesome crime committed by the Greek coast guard in Farmakonisi leading to twelve deaths, among them eight women and children, is as brutal as the crime in Lampedusa.”

    i.e. Irresponsible anti-Greek far leftist populist sack of manure that exploit any incident to push their leftist political agenda. They have no idea if a “crime” has been committed. First facts need to be investigated properly. Then judgements made. Reason isn’t high on their agenda. Their objective is to flood Greeks with illegals in order to destroy ethnic Greeks. Wake up Greeks…

  4. Most of these protests are far leftist extremists and illegals (that often turn to violence). They should be allowed to protest but Greek security forces should be at the protests to document and make sure they don’t use it as another excuse to riot.

    1. photograph everyone to identify who organized and participated

    2. if anyone with non-Greek citizenship was involved (including any affiliated with foreign funded ngos), put them on a watch list as a foreign security threat

    3. if any illegals that were given subsequently citizenship were involved, prioritize them for having their citizenship revoked and being expelled.

  5. Right, because it’s all Greece’s fault. Who sent those immigrats toward the Greek coast? Did not Turkey, with its GIANT military, notice them?!
    The thing is, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Amnesty International can criticise Greece, but if they criticise Turkey, they will get a “shut up” from Erdogan.
    Amnesty International, go complain somewhere else.
    Go complain when Sweden sends immigrants back to Greece.

  6. Why don’t any of the 3rd Worlders go to Israel? Syria borders Israel and us a wralthy nation. So why do millions of Syrians flee in every direction EXCEPT for Israel? The answer is that Israel has sealed it’s borders to illegal immigrants and refugees. Israel is a Jewish Supremacist apartheid state which only allows people of Jewish racial descent to immigrate to Israel.

  7. According to the Times of Israel, would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove [their] “JEWISH BLOODLINE” and will be “subjected to DNA testing to prove their Jewishness.”

    Imagine the uproar and accusations of nazism from International Jewish organizations if the German government decided to impose DNA testing on would be immigrants to prove their “German bloodline”! Or imagine if any European nation, for example Greece, where to implement such testing as part of their immigration policy!

    Europe is the ancient ancestral homeland of the Indigenous White European people, it belongs to them. All 3rd worlders residing in Europe must be deported en-masse to the nations of their ethnic origin. Zionist orchestrated, artificially imported 3rd-World MultiCULTuralism is a crime against the indigenous White European people!

  8. Ten supposedly missing if they can’t swim then they must be floating, yet no bodies of the ten recovered.