In Prison for Animal Cruelty: A Greek First

KamilaSerronEserne (1)A Serres man is the first Greek to be sent to prison for animal cruelty. The offender was fined 5,000 euro and sentenced to one year in prison without parole, for tying his dog to his motorcycle and dragging him around the city. The incident, which occurred a few months ago, ended when a group of young people stopped the perpetrator and successfully rescued the dog.

The animal was nursed back to health by the Animal Welfare Association of Serres and adopted by a new family.



  2. It depends if he was a “migrant” he would be excused for not knowing and given a car to drive his dog around town. I wish there was as much outrage for the welfare of poor Greeks.

  3. The sleaze should have gone to jail but our court system is still illogical. We let out mass murdering far leftist terrorists for furlough and put people in prison for a year for animal cruelty with no chance of parole.

    Our police forces are mostly right wing because they know through real world experience how many illegals are engaged in serious crimes despite NGOs trying to portray them as all victims. On the other hand, our court system is mostly leftist judges brought up in cushy lifestyle. No small number of them are incompetent bleeding heart imbeciles that go soft on crime.

    Hurt a puppy though, and are treated worse than a mass murdering far leftist terrorist who gets vacation time. That’s f-cked up.

  4. We know it wasn’t an illegals because ranting foreign funded ngo’s and the Guardian didn’t immediately denounce the racist Greeks for arresting a poor innocent “undocumented migrant” for taking his dog out for a walk.

    Since they “human rights’ in their organization names, they assure everything they can’t be bigots themselves. (our leftist imbeciles eat up this “human rights’ propaganda)

    Oddly enough, the same people keep ranting against Greeks, while claiming they support “human rights”, seem to be having great difficulty noticing FYROM’s sudden identity change into ancient macedonians and irredentism. Apparently threatening our sovereign country and trying to usurp our very identity is “human rights” now.

    Any unprincipled Greek hating cockroach NGO that calls FYROM a straight “Macedonia” and supports illegal migration into our sovereign country…. should be expelled from Greece. Only when they tone down their excessive rants on illegal immigration and apologize to the Greek people for FYROM should we consider taking them seriously again.

  5. I hope this heartless degenerate has a really tough time in prison if you know what I mean.

  6. This seems to be quite a good news story in terms of the poor Greek attitudes towards animals and their wellbeing and enforcement of the law. About time this happened and maybe a few more would send the message home that cruelty in Greece is unacceptable.

  7. Give it all a rest. The man was cruel, he will pay the price. Thank goodness for that. This article isnt about welfare of any other group- it is about cruelty to a dog..get it right.