Samaras Venizelos on Terrorism and Troika

Greek Premier Antonis Samaras (R) with his deputy, Evangelos Venizelos
Greek Premier Antonis Samaras (R) with his deputy, Evangelos Venizelos

The Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras met on Friday with the Government Vice President Evangelos Venizelos, in order to discuss several pressing matters.

At the top of the agenda were the crucial negotiations with the Troika which are moving slowly, affecting the Greek political climate. The postponement of the Troika’s return to Athens which was scheduled for early January, and before this Monday’s Eurogroup, has created serious concern amongst the members of the Greek coalition government.

The Greek government was planning to reach an agreement with the Troika as soon as possible, and use the primary surplus as its trump card for a successful campaign in May’s upcoming elections.

The two politicians also talked about the major issue of terrorism and the escape of the convicted member of November 17th, Christodoulos Xeros. Xeros’ escape has been met with much criticism at home and abroad, prompting the Minister of Justice Charalambos Athanasiou to establish stricter criteria for prison furloughs.  The Minister noted that improvements of Greek prisons are necessary, however he claimed that Greece has one of the lowest furlough escape rates in Europe.

Other major issues discussed by the two leaders were, the results of the latest polls showing SYRIZA in the lead, their MPs negative reaction to austerity measures, the Greek presidency of the EU as well as the the migrant sea tragedy in Farmakonisi and the subsequent international outcry against Greek government.


  1. I don’t understand what these people are constantly pretending to consult about .Just implement the reforms you signed up in return for our cash and the Troika will return.

  2. Behind the scenes the Troika do not believe there is a primary surplus worth stating as a “trump card”. They have been lied to and financially burned far too many times to believe the comments of Samaras and Stournaras. The devil is in the details and we must assume the numbers do not add up.

  3. “our” cash? Who are you kidding Nazi. Seeing as you are a bigot that spends all day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ranting about Greeks , you clearly don’t have a full time job.

    You probably still live with your parents right? Do you at least pay rent and clean your own dirty underwear or do you still get your mother to wash?

  4. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta could start by telling the Greek people where on Earth the €254 million that was borrowed by New Democracy and PASOK from Greek banks for “party expenses” has gone. WHERE AND ON WHAT have they spent this €254 million? Everybody in Greece already knows answer to this question. It’s gone into the pockets of New Democracy and PASOK MP’s and to their families and close relatives. These twp crime syndicates that masquerade as political parties will be judged and punished by the Hellenic electorate at the Greek municipal elections and EU parliamentary elections.

  5. Looks like our fearless leaders are getting a reality check in the harsh lights of an international audience. It’s about time the T-word (transparency) came home to roost.

    Regarding Minister of Justice Charalambos Athanasiou’s comment that Greece has a good record of preventing furlough escapes–that’s completely hysterical.
    Hey guys. . .you’re playing to a much more saavy audience now, so cut the crap.

    The real question is what other country would give a convicted murderer and known bomb-making terrorist even one furlough in the first place?
    On with the fun. Something tells me this 6 month presidency is going to play in the wider EU like a bad variety show with lots of prat falls.

  6. Sorta reminds you of the current banking scandal, doesn’t it? I mean it’s an old slight of jand trick when a bank gives out uninsured, unguaranteed loans to “clients” and then bemoans the losses as just “losses.” You can bet the 2 political parties and their happy pareas did just that wth those “political accounts.” The question is why arent the leaders of those parties being indicted like the bank officials hiding out in Turkey. The dominoes are falling in that case–why not the blue and green banking scandal?
    Oh. . . I see why not. I was just informed that the leaders of those two parties (and their questionable banking associations) are still busy leading the country right now and just can not be bothered with such anoyances and questions from any investigators.Well OK then.

  7. Athanasiou should join Dendias and exit the building and their public careers with all due haste and join HRW or Travesty International. Many see Samaras’ six month tenure as a deadpan comedian standing before a large international audience who’s punch lines fail to translate. Just silence.

  8. The only ‘terrorism’ here in Greece is coming from PASOK & ND and the TROIKA!
    They are over-taxing Greek Citizens and letting the Police beat & Gas them daily.

  9. PASOK & ND are the REAL “Terrorists” using lies to cover it up!
    WHY IS NO ONE ASKING WHERE THE “250 million Euros” they took from their Banker Cronies went to??
    Where’s the Justuce and so-called PRESS to ask questions?

  10. OUTRAGEOUS behaviour by PASOK & ND hiding from Justice with the compliciticy of the GREEK PRESS and JUSTICE here by hiding their incredibly bogus BANKING LOAN CRIMES with no one asking them questions, but jailing Citizens daily for less crimes!! Massive Hypocrites!

  11. Venizelos and Samaras are the butt end and joke of the EU ! and
    what do you think Kerry and the Americans think when they got a look at how fat Venizelos is? They thought– GREEDY – PIG!

  12. Kerry is no better. He married into billions and dodges taxes for his palaces and mega-yacht.. He claims to be a war hero and said he threw his medals (of questionable origin) into the river in protest, but they were later seen hanging in his office at home. BS is a pre-requisite to being a Foreign Minister no matter the nationality.

  13. But that’s how this fake “Grease” works! If you eliminate Turkoglou (fake Venizelos), Samarass and money loans (TROIKA) – POOF!!! – NO MORE “Grease”!

  14. And to renounce the free journeys, limo, exclusive lunches, exotic Baklava-countries??? NO WAY! Who cares about poor people…


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