First Greek Crematorium to Open in Volos

Greek crematorium VolosThe first crematorium in Greece is planned for the city of Volos, Central Greece.

The legal framework allowing the creation of crematoria has already been unanimously passed by the Greek parliament, while the required joint ministerial decision and presidential decree have been also published. Though several organizations are still blocking the implementation of these, as highlighted by SYRIZA MP Nikos Voutsis, who put the issue before parliament.

“The matter becomes now primarily political. Although these units are of low disturbance, there are seen and unseen forces, which don’t allow the creation of a cremation center even in Attica,” added Voutsis.

“We have delayed the creation of cremation centers. The authorization for setting up crematoria has been in place since 2006, the presidential decree though was published three years later,” mentioned deputy interior minister Leonidas Grigorakos, and added, “Many municipalities which decide to open crematoria, then revoke their decision in the municipal councils.” The creation and maintenance of such sites is the sole responsibility of the local authorities, explained the minister.

The municipality of Volos seems to be an exception. As Grigorakos said, a presidential decree for the Volos crematorium is currently being drafted, because the will is there and all the guarantees have been given, while all the procedures have been carried out in accordance with the law.

In the region of Attica, over the past few years many municipalities have launched similar projects, though in most cases their impact on the environment had put a hold on the applications.

The main opponent to the opening of crematoria in Greece is the Greek Orthodox Church, which does not permit the burning of corpses, as it is held to be against the rules of Christianity. Those families who choose to have the corpse cremated are currently forced to ship the remains of their loved one out of Greece.



  1. Finally, our Ancient Greece past is catching up to us. I knew we were related to Achilles & Co. I would also like my family to not be stingy & place €2 euro coins on top of my eyes not €1. I need to buy me some virgins wherever I go.

  2. Hopefully you have checked out before they place two coins over your eyes to pay Charon a ferry you over the River Styx. You know Hades is lovely this time of year much warmer. Cremation costs much less than a traditional burial, so among all the family members they should be able to find two coins if you are worth it. As for virgins, I’m sorry to tell you but that is a fallacy reserved Muslims.

  3. This is another example of the Church working with corrupt PASOK and ND Politicians who are blocking any semblence of Justice or sanity in this country!

  4. If they cannot use it as a crematorium, it will make a great pizza oven. The Volos Fourno Pizzeria ….no waiting. They could make different pizzas named after politicians like the Merkel with ham, the Schaeuble with pork butt, the Samaras with tongue, and the always popular Venizelos topped with mountains of baloney.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm pizza. I’ll have the ‘Greek FOS’ on thick crust please. No ham please, it’s against my religion.

  6. You and your fellow Skopians can have all the FOS pizza you like. But remember it’s not really Greek it’s Mastodonian.


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