Property Taxes Could Leave Greeks Homeless

Greek urban propertiesDuring the conference of the Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA) which was held on Saturday in Athens, the president of the Federation Stratos Paradias, underlined in his remarks the urgent need to change the legislative framework on the new property tax, before hundreds of property owners, sellers and even notaries default on their payments and land in prison.

A poll conducted by Greek company Kapa Research and presented during the conference, revealed a general deterioration in the lease market and the difficulty of property owners to meet their tax obligations. The new property tax (ENFIA) which was passed last month by the parliament in Greece as part of the imposed austerity measures is described by 73 percent of citizens as unfair.

According to the poll, in a single year the property taxes were doubled, corresponding to 43.3 percent of the total income, as opposed to 22 percent in 2012. One in two owners admit not getting any income from their property, but only paying taxes, while 38 percent of the population does not have sufficient income to meet their upcoming obligations.

Approximately one in ten owners have settled their property tax payments for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, which were collected ex post facto last year by the Ministry of Finance. Four in ten owners in Greece would cede their properties to the state if they had the opportunity, so as to cover any current or future tax obligations.

The vast majority (65 percent) considers the decision to exclude rural properties from the ENFIA, while taxing the urban ownership more, as wrongful. An even larger percentage (80 percent) considers it unjust that uninhibited properties which don’t bring in any profits, don’t enjoy any tax deductions in the ENFIA.

The president of POMIDA emphasized that urban property owners who were asked alone in 2013 to pay five different property taxes, in 2014, have to pay for the new “single” property tax which in effect is double the taxes, while the actual market values are much lower than the objective values, according to which the property taxes are and will be until 2016, calculated.


  1. The Gov’t of Crooks and Thieves don’t care about leaving people homeless..!!!
    But we want to know about the 250 million Euro Bank heist (joke of a loan!) that PASOK & ND Parties pulled off with the devious help of their “Banker Cronies”, which PASOK or ND have never paid a cent back yet?!!

    Why is the PRESS and Justice here not asking questions where the millions went and into whose GREEDY pockets at PASOK & ND Party Offices??
    INCREDIBLE THEFT on the part of the people supposedly Governing Greece!

  2. They don’t care because they don’t pay…Why Christoforakos is not been handed over to the Greek authorities for questioning??? What the Greek government is hiding from us??? Why the Lagarde List is still untouched??? The Dirty Duo are the responsible for the crisis and they should pay for their crimes and not us…

  3. I don’t understand why Greeks don’t protest against these crooks and thieves. Egyptians were able to through out a brutal regime that was all powerful but Greeks let all the criminals of this ponzi scheme of a nation off the hook. For example why not protest at the home of the minister that is supposed to collect taxes from the elite, the one that is supposed to prosecute and on and on. Fight for your country. Very little has really changes because they all still enjoy their wealth.

  4. This is the plan. These fixed taxes ie taxes which stay the same regardless of income are designed to transfer government debt onto the private sector in the form of unpaid taxes.

    These unpaid taxes are classed as “assets” to whoever picks through the bones of the government default. These assets will be seized by “greedy” capitalists and the government can say “it was nothing to do with us, we will do everything we can to help you”

    ie the government breaks your legs, gives you a set of crutches and says if it was not for me you would not be able to walk.

  5. Greece is weary of protests that do not produce results. This is in large part due to Unionists that have worn the pavement of Syntagma’s sidewalks and splattered the facades of buildings with paint and graffiti for their selfish purposes but never for a cause celeb. With elections on the horizon in May there will be ample opportunity to voice your concerns all the way from Canada when the weather improves…eh?