Funeral Service Education Program to be Launched in Greece

Funeral Service EducationThe Association of Householders’ Offices of Ceremonies of Greece proposes the establishment of a funeral service education program and intends to discuss the issue with representatives from the Ministries of Education and Health as soon as possible.

According to the association president Michalis Panagiotou, “In our profession we only want people who can do their job with an appropriate, professional and sympathetic approach.”

The new program will probably be launched at a public Institute of Vocational Training (IEK). It is an initiative of the Greek Association of Householders’ Offices of Ceremonies which has planned the program, the curriculum, along with evaluation and certification of graduates.

“There has never been proper education for our profession. By applying for a license, anyone could start a funeral service business. That’s why many professionals are now poorly trained and are bringing disrepute to our profession,” stated Mr. Panagiotou, explaining the necessity of the program.

“There is a need for properly qualified professionals and this program is a very old request of our association. Funeral service educational programs already exist in many European countries and are extremely successful,” said the General Secretary of the Association Nikos Aggeletos.

The curriculum will include anatomy, burial rights and the law, psychology, health and safety, funeral history and accounting among other topics. Students will be evaluated at the end of each module and in the end will receive a certificate to practice the profession.

The meeting of members of the Association of Householders’ Offices of Ceremonies of Greece with the two Ministries’ representatives is scheduled for next month. Furthermore, the first Conference of Funeral Services Professionals will be organized this year in Volos, Greece.