Greek Antenna TV Links up With Vice Media


The Greek Television broadcaster Antenna Group reached an agreement with Vice Media. Vice Media is the producer of video reportage targeting the so-called Generation Y of twenty somethings who do not watch much traditional TV.

Shane Smith, Chief Executive of Vice Media, said that the agreement with Antenna would give his company the opportunity to set up digital channels with programs covering news, culture, music, fashion and sports. Younger age groups (18-32) will be the target of these programs. It is hoped that this new business venture will expand Vice Media and attract more partners.

Vice Media also publishes its magazine in local markets. Initially this covered punk subculture in Montreal. Later the company expanded to online videos, digital channels, films and television production.

The innovative and sometimes abrupt approach of Vice Media, encouraged Martin Sorrell, head of WPP advertising group, and Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox to invest in the company.

Smith believes that young people in Greece are fed up with the traditional news and media and they want a new type of entertainment.

The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

Antenna’s Chief Executive, Theodoros Kyriakou said that his channel and Vice Media will form a challenging team. “This wide-ranging strategic partnership ensures that Vice will be a key element of our growth in Greece,” he said.



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