Greek Minister of Education Mulls Over Extension of School Year


The Greek school year may soon be longer, according to statements made by the Greek Minister of Education Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, in a Sunday newspaper interview.
“I feel that there are too many holidays. Students should learn more, and should learn better.” said Arvanitopoulos. Apart from “digging deeper” into subjects, Arvanitopoulos suggested that the school year be extended. According to Arvanitopoulos, “our grade schools teach for 170 days a year, and the middle and high-schools for 150.”
Arvanitopoulos announced that the teacher evaluation program will go ahead as planned, regardless of any obstacles it may meet. “After 30 years, we are evaluating teachers and their work,” he said, criticizing those against the evaluation program as constituting “the last breath” of a “small number” of teachers, and not “the majority” which welcome it.
Regarding the Greek university entrance exams, Arvanitopoulos also stated that changes will be made starting with the 10th grade where the focus will be shifted towards “what students must learn,” not “what teachers choose to spend time on.”


  1. After the shock and trauma of the May elections this clown won’t be in a position to implement anything.

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