Greeks Celebrating Chinese New Year

yearOfTheHorse2Two of the world’s most ancient civilizations, China and Greece, are tied by recent acts of goodwill and employ every occasion to further strengthen their good relationship and cooperation. This time, on the occasion of the Chinese Lunar Year, the New Year for the Chinese civilization, festivities in Greece celebrating this event are already underway.

An event recently organized by the Confucius Institute in Athens, was attended by representatives of major Chinese companies and the Greek Ministry of Education, as well as the new Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Greece.

Greeks celebrated along with the Chinese the coming of the “Year of the Horse.” During the celebrations, Chinese music was heard all over the place, while the Chinese fighting moves displayed would intimidate even ancient Greek armies.

“As a new Chinese Ambassador to Greece, I feel a true responsibility to promote further exchange between our two people and more cooperation between the two countries. I’m sure that through common effort our bilateral relations will have further progress in the New Year,” said Zou Xiaoli, Chinese Ambassador to Greece.

The good relationship between the two countries runs deep, as in 2011 Greece helped with the evacuation of 15,000 Chinese nationals from the conflict zone in Libya.

For Greece, the Year of the Horse could also become the “Year of the Yuan.” China’s top leaders say they hope to double trade between Greece and China by 2015. A large part of that investment is being made by China Ocean Shipping Company, better known as COSCO, which is expanding its multi-billion Euro container operations at Greece’s largest port in Piraeus.

“In Greece we have an ideal economic environment. There may be still recession, but we believe it will recover soon,” said Zhang Anming, Deputy General Manager of Piraeus Container Terminal.

As the celebrations suggest, Greece not only hopes that Chinese predictions will come true, but that Chinese investment will help to make them true.



  1. Our leftists live in word fantasies where they think everyone loves Greeks. In practice no one gives a damn. The Chinese government disrespectfully agree to recognize the Skopians after they withdrew recognition of Taiwan

  2. Old Chinese proverb; “If it moves eat it, that includes Greeks.” Given the opportunity driven by desperation they will devour Greece’s economy and bring in their people, their shops, their businesses leaving the average Greek as a secondary citizen in their own country. Economic cannibalization and product dumping below actual manufacturing costs may be acceptable to Samaras but not to the rest of Europe.

  3. “While the Chinese fighting moves displayed would intimidate even ancient Greek armies.”

    LOL! The Ancient Greek warriors feared nothing.

  4. my username has been “stolen” by some idiot here. I am sure that intelligent people understand that “twopenceworth” without my picture is not me. I will not change my name and I will not be intimidated by a child.

  5. Right. Because buying tasteless Dutch tomatoes, crappy German cheese in Lidl or Belgian potatoes is much better? The whole EU has used Greece to pump their exports – and Greeks used the EU to destroy their own productive system.
    If I have to choose between a Chinese or a German car in Greece, I’d go for a Chinese. At least I pay 70% less, both of them are foreign products.

  6. China is not interested in produce nor can they produce the same quality as European producers. More so the EU will object as there is very little reciprocity to enter each other’s produce markets. FYI Avian Bird Influenza has reappeared in China and Hong Kong just in time for the New Year.
    As for manufactured items clearly China dominates electronics and low cost manufactured products but easily can dominate the continent using Greece as a conduit into the continent. Chinese parts assembled in Greece and sold below production costs is one likely scenario.
    German auto makers should be nervous as the time between the entry to toe to toe competition is being compressed. China respects few patents, steals technology through cyber-theft and has the economic leverage to buy out competitors.

  7. I know Chinese products are not quality products (except for some electronics), this was not my point. China entering the European market (thanks to cheap labour, Greece, etc.) is not a bad scenario for Greece, it is a bad scenario for Europe and especially for Germany (and France and the Netherlands). Greece would certainly benefit from the Chinese investments (Piraeus one first example), I don’t really care about German auto makers or other ‘fellow’ Europeans. Greece has not many industries, so has to import many products. Since Greece has to import a lot of products, why not benefit from commerce, too?
    China plays dirty, you’re right, but Germany does it too (e.g. bribing Greek corrupt politicians to buy expensive electronic devices and weapons).
    Australia is earning a lot of money thanks to commercial ties with the Asian Tigers. Why should Greece remain ‘loyal’ to a United Europe which needs Greece just when it’s time to repay the debt and buy a Mercedes or a tasteless, rotten, Dutch tomato?

  8. Surely a misquote, Polycrates. The correct Chinese saying is:
    “Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible.”

    I know Greece has been through tough times recently, but I’m sure most Greeks are too proud to turn their backs toward heaven. Greeks are safe.

  9. Thanks for the clarification pervertt. Mine was the Singaporean version from Chinese all except the Greek part.

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    The only “child” here, is you.

    Good day.

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    Carry on…

  12. So what your saying is you don’t appreciate someone using your name and co-opting your identity. Now imagine that. except its a whole country… and the people in that country are constantly implying your house is their own….while sleezeballs that claim to speak for “human rights” evasively say nothing to condemn the behavior. Instead they “childishly” continue to call them “Macedonians’ even though they can see their engaged in fraud.

    That in a nutshell is how Greeks feel about FYROM… and its slimy apologists. If you want to know the primary reason for the rise of xenophobia in Greece (that you won’t hear from any foreign media that calls FYROM “Macedonia”), many Greeks feel foreigners are trying to subtly ethnically erase them. They have a point.

  13. Trade with China is fine but we should not allow mass immigration from China (or anywhere for that matter). Unrestricted immigration into the US is how the native indians ended up on reserves. Our treasonous antihellenic leftist imbeciles support mass illegal immigration into our country. Read practically any article by the leftist morons that write for Greek Reporter. They keep apologizing for illegals disrespectfully flooding our sovereign country and parrot for funded NGOs that are hostile towards Greeks (to the point they silently colude with Skopians in trying to ethnically exterminate us but frame it as “human rights”)