Kedikoglou: Illegal Immigration Biggest Issue for Greek EU Presidency

Simos Kedikoglou

In the aftermath of the Farmakonisi incident, New Democracy and SYRIZA continue to exchange words regarding Greece’s pressing illegal immigration issue. In the latest round of rebuttals, it was Greek Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou who, replying through a press release, said that “the problem is illegal immigration and not immigration policy in general, as claimed by SYRIZA.”

According to the press release, “..the [Greek] Government has established illegal immigration as the major issue of the Greek [EU] Presidency, while SYRIZA is unwilling to see it.”

“Quite the opposite,” writes the press release,”[SYRIZA] wants us to accept all illegal immigrants, and send them to the rest of Europe which refuses to accept them.”

In the press release, Kedikoglou also criticized SYRIZA for “continuing to be at a dead-end.”