New Polls Show SYRIZA’s Marginal Lead Over ND

opinion_pollTwo new opinion polls in Greece — Alco and Metron Analysis — published on Sunday, show a marginal lead of the opposition party SYRIZA over the ruling New Democracy.

According to Alco poll published by the newspaper Proto Thema, SYRIZA is leading over  ND by 0.6%. SYRIZA is standing at 22.2% while New Democracy at 21.6%. Ultra right Golden Dawn is the third party with 7.7%, followed by PASOK with 4.7%, KKE 4.6%, the Independent Greeks (ANEL) with 4.3% and DIMAR with 3.2%.

As far as the parliamentary elections are concerned, 45% of the respondents believe that the government shouldn’t proceed with elections before the completion of four years in office.

Thirty-three percent of respondents believe that Antonis Samaras would be more reliable as a Prime Minister compared to 27% of Greeks who support Alexis Tsipras. The majority of Greek citizens (57%) believe that SYRIZA does not have suitable staff to implement its program and 67% doubt whether Tsipras will keep his promises, if elected.

Metron Analysis opinion poll, published by the newspaper Ethnos, gives SYRIZA (20.5%) a o.8 % lead over New Democracy (19.7%).  Golden Dawn is in the third position standing at 6.9%, followed by PASOK with 4.3%, KKE 3.4%, ANEL with 3.2% and DIMAR with 2.5%. Floating voters reach 32.7%.

On the issue of who would be most suitable for the position of prime minister, Antonis Samaras is leading with 31% over Alexis Tsipras with 16%, while 52% of Greeks believe that SYRIZA will win next elections.

Fifty-nine percent of the respondents estimate that the government shouldn’t proceed with elections, while 56% favor the creation of new parties.