Tsipras: New Health Bill, Gift to Private Interests

tsiprasIn a statement issued after a meeting with the board of EOPYY, the president of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras asked for the immediate withdrawal of the new health care bill, which he considered to be a “gift to private interests.”

The president of the Greek major opposition party talked about a “time bomb,” referring to the fact that in Greece there are about three million uninsured citizens with no access to primary health care, who will be joined by thousands more, if the planned closure of public health care system EOPYY is put through. If the government, however, doesn’t change its mind and brings the bill to a vote, the MP’s must then think twice before casting their vote, said Tsipras, implying clearly that the MP’s of the coalition government should vote down the bill.

The opposition leader noted that this bill comes as an order by the Troika and added that its provisions are in absolute contrast to the needs of the Greek society, which demands an upgraded public health care system.

Tsipras expressed his support to the doctors of EOPYY, underlining that this is a struggle for survival, while also being a fight for the existence of a Greek public health care system.

On behalf of the Board of EOPYY, its president Panagiotis Psycharis mentioned that the upcoming passage of the bill will sink the public health care system even more and expressed fears that doctor layoffs are imminent in Greece. Psycharis also thanked the SYRIZA leader for his support.


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