17 Million Euros From Bribes Go To Health and Educational Sectors


The Greek Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos is expected to meet today with the Greek Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, at the office of Christos Staikouras, the Alternate Minister of Finance. The three of them will discuss the sectors in which 17.3 million euros – money coming from economic crimes against Greek state – will be allocated.

The money has already been deposited in a special account which was opened at the Bank of Greece. It is expected that, in this bank account, Greece’s government will gather funds that originate from economic crimes against the Greek state.

The majority of the 17.3 million euros originate from the accounts of defendants charged for bribery in Greek arms deals.

Those who have already returned money to the Greek government are:

  • Antonis Kantas, 9,821,298 euros
  • Yiorgos Kamaris, 7,352,222 euros
  • Another defendant who deposited 219,005 euros


  1. What about Mitsotakis? How many farms, villas and so on did he buy on Crete with his ‘modest’ politician salary (read stolen money and bribes)?
    What about Simitis? How much Greek taxpayers’ money does he have in German banks in München?
    And our dear Papandreou jr.? Did he choose Stockholm or Washington?

  2. Most of the incompetent populists that blame solely our politicians for our predicament don’t realize the combined stealing going on by a few politicians pales in comparison to the vast sums of money that was being stolen by average citizens (rich and poor alike,both left and right on political spectrum). Its estimated between 40-50% of the Greek population was stealing from the government in some form before this debacle (typically through some form of tax evasion)

    There is a good argument to made that a fair chunk of the populists on this website that rant on and on about the government, have either family members or even themselves cheated on their taxes.

  3. Well said, at last a sense of balance and lateral thinking has been added to the debate.
    Όλοι έχουν φάει από το ίδιο τραπέζι