Brave Greek Photographer Talks About War


    The Greek photographer Yannis Behrakis
    The Greek photographer Yannis Behrakis

    The Greek photographer Yannis Behrakis is one of the most significant war photographers in the world. He has been in the midst of many battle fields and has been exposed to danger several times.

    Behrakis spoke of his experience from the civil war in Sierra Leone, in the TEDx Athens conference. He recounted the cruelty of the army and shared with the audience, photographs of dead people, children with their hands or feet cut and child soldiers holding guns or shooting their victims. His experiences are shocking. As he reported, he feared for his life since some of his colleagues were killed. He revealed that the war in Sierra Leone was an experience that changed his life as it made him stronger, helping him discover new sides of his personality.

    Yannis Behrakis was born in 1960 in Athens, Greece. He studied photography in the Athens School of Arts and Technology and in the Middlesex University. In 1987 he started work for the world-famous agency Reuters. He has covered the Libya crisis in January 1989, the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon the first and second Gulf wars, the Arab Spring in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. He has also covered major events around the world such as the Olympics, the 1994 World Cup in the US and many international sports events.  He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece,  London, New York, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and Dubai while he has presented solo exhibitions as well.


    1. If fanatics that support communist Syriza and fascist Golden Dawn keep up their rhetoric he might be eventually photographing a civil war in Greece.