Giakoumatos Dismisses Tax Cheat Charge

    giakoumatos4New Democracy Member of Parliament Gerasimos Giakoumatos said charges of tax evasion brought against his wife and brother are insignificant and waved them off as trivial even as the pair faced a prosecutor.

    Dimitris Giakoumatos and Eleni Theodorou are being questioned in connection with finances of the family business, a retirement home in the northern Athenian suburb of Neo Psychico, Greece. The lawmaker’s brother was the Managing Director, while his wife was the home’s President. Giakoumatos is protected from prosecution by Parliamentary immunity.

    “This is about a small tax offense that we have never been asked to explain. This is what the crime is all about,” he told journalists without elaborating.

    There was no information on how much money was involved but the case comes as Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ coalition government is being pressed by international lenders to go after tax cheats and as he said any political wrongdoers should be swiftly prosecuted. He has said nothing about Giakoutmatos.


    1. Just more Lies by New Democracy trying to hide their MP Giakoutmatos from the courts for his own involvement in this tax scandal by using his own wife and brother to shield him and avoid himself facing prosecution! –GET RID OF THESE GANGSTERS from both ND and PASOK and jail them for Life!!

    2. Tax evasion must be tackled…Anyone caught evading paying his dues either politician or a national citizen must be dealt with according to the law…No one is above the law not even Giakoumatos himself…

    3. If given the opportunity old Gerasimos would deny he has a wife and brother. He should contact Liapis’ lawyer and take a much needed trip to Malaysia.


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