Greek Minister of National Defence ‘Cuts’ FYROM’s Provocative National Anthem



The Minister of National Defense of FYROM Talat Djaferi met with his Greek counterpart Dimitris Avramopoulos on Monday. It was the first time that a Skopjian Minister of National Defense visited the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.

Greece’s Minister of National Defense welcomed Mr. Djaferi himself. However, Avramopoulos skipped the ceremonial event of the Guard inspection, during which the national anthems of both the dignitary and the host are played by a ceremonial band. The reason behind the symbolic diplomatic maneuver is FYROM’S national anthem which advocates irredentism in Greek territories, such as Macedonia and the Aegean Sea.

During the meeting of the two Ministers, a potential military cooperation between the two countries was discussed. Within this framework, the Ministers signed a one-year agreement for cooperation between the Greek and Skopjian National Defense General Staff.

Both Mr. Avramopoulos and Mr. Djaferi expressed their wish for a solution to FYROM’s name issue, thus reducing tension between the two countries, as well as contributing positively to European stability.


  1. Cooperation? What does Greece (Army: 90,000 soldiers, more than 1,000 tanks, more than 2,000 other fighting vehicles, etc.; Navy: dozens of frigates, gunboats, submarines, etc.; Air Force: more than 150 F-16s, etc.) have to learn from FYROM (no Navy, less than 40,000 personnel, just a dozen vehicles and tanks some of which still from the Soviet Union era)?

  2. Avramolpoulos has now shown he is rude, coarse and un-diplomatic and should be fired from his job!

  3. No Greek politician does his job right, that’s sure. But how can a neighbouring country expect cooperation when they have an irredentist anthem?

  4. It figures Worldfixer (who isn’t Greek) would take the side of the Skopians threatening our homeland.

  5. Worldfixer talks about “dimplomatic”.. then repeatedly calls for hangings and executions of Greeks.

  6. He’s Gruevski-bot (ie. Skopian ultra nationalist basketcase). Reason isn’t high on his agenda. He’s in complete denial over FYROM’s ethnic Bulgarian past.

  7. I would be surprised Djaferi actually knew the words to the national anthem as they keep updating it with new “copied” material.


  9. This video proves my point that FYROM are nothing more than scums, there were families in the stadium watching the game and these bunch of FYROM scums started trouble…
    This FYROM club is finished and and Sydney Olympic is still active..


  11. Yes what does Greece have to fear with all its weapons supplied by its masters.
    Would you need to ask for permission first from your US overlords to use there F-16s?
    As for the comment re “SCUM” below, nothing comes close to the atrocities & slaughter committed against Aegean Macedonians by Greeks, the wholesale slaughter of innocent women & children.
    SHAME on you Greeks for committing such un-human acts on your fellow man.

  12. If I remember correctly a bunch of grown men in their late 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s turned on a bunch of skinny 16 year olds.
    That’s Slavic honour for you hahahahaha!!!

  13. You mean shame on you Skopian.

    1. First you BULGARIANS lie and pretend to be “Macedonian” (when IMRO was still a Bulgarian organization) as a form of conscious political propaganda.

    2. Then you collude with nazis in occupying Greece (see head of IMRO Ivan Mihailov)

    3. Then you collude with communists in trying to annex Macedonia Greece)

    4. Now your master Gruevski has told you… obvious slavs… that you aren’t really slavs but actually direct descendents of ancient Macedonians (while your slimy apologists pretend not to notice). Like your Nazi and communist loving grandfathers you don’t even ask simple questions.. like if you really believed you were related to ancient Macedonians why would you oppose the very Hellenism ancient macedonians loved? Why would you not call yourselves Greek?

    The answer is you are not macedonians. You are disgusting bigots whose whole “Macedonian” identity was built on lie and ethnic hatred of Greeks. You lost your very own Bulgarian identity to your hatred of anything Greek.

  14. Well done to Dimitris Avramopoulos. Bulgarian speaking Yugoslavs have nothing to do with Macedonia and nver will. Macedonia is Greek

  15. I see the Vardar Ministry of Propaganda is doing its job right. Instead of being angry with your own government spending MILLIONS of Euros for kitsch, Made in Italy gigantic statues, you come here to troll.
    BTW, do you even know what a F-16 is? Because last time I checked, Vardarska Banovina had 0.

  16. So u Bulgarian/Yugoslav’s were outnumbered 5 to 1. Well, why don’t u come & take the land you think is yours by force then if ur so good… or is a soccer match more important???

  17. Typical uneducated Greek telling fibs once again.

    Fact is Preston Makedonija is now Preston Lions, still active and strong.

    Due to ethnic hostility (the way the 100 Macedonians bashed the 500 Spartans on their home ground..sounds just like the Aleksandar days), the clubs had to change their names.

    Just like ‘South Melbourne Hellas’ is now just ‘South Melbourne’.

    So next time mavro, complete the story when telling Greek Mythology.

  18. Same could be said about TRNC.

    At least we don’t walk around with ‘Molon Lave’ tattoo’s.

  19. I have to commend Greece for even allowing the Macedonian National anthem to be played in Athens…even if Dimtri skipped it. If he didn’t, he would have been out of a job.

    But Macedonia plays the game even better, by sending an Albanian politician to visit. Perhaps Dimo & Djaferi are related. King Otto would have separated them!

    Just like the comic novelist, Abed Alloush being separated with his Turkish brothers during the population exchange. He still carries his identity wherever he goes.

    Nice one Abed. Bet you get mistaken for a Middle Eastern moron in the Anglo world. If it’s not the name, it’s certainly the look!

  20. Says the guy who highly likely has a Turkish surname, just like half of Greece & our famous fiction columnist, Abed Aboush,,,although his sounds more Arabic

  21. Just like your two little princesses not being acknowledged at the Cube on the weekend. Poor little uglies

  22. Muslims make up 33.3% of Skopia’s population! In a decade Skopia will be an Islamic republic! What an embarrassment! This Slavo-Albanian-Islamo pseudo state is a stain on the European continent.

    88 mosques financed by Saudis in Skopia!
    See article for complete list of these new mosques built primarily by the Saudis to service Skopia’s rapidly expanding Muslim population!

  23. Says the “girl” who is from the country that was under 100 more years of turkish occupation than the southern part of Greece that “she” calls turkish, had a muslim majority in their capital for practically the whole occupation and whose EVERY national hero from the years around the fall of the Ottoman empire publicly called themselves Bulgarian in an ethnic sense, You can lie to yourselves today, but your ancestors words are well kept and we see the truth even when you shut your eyes.

    No go read the east roman records and try to find a reference to your slavic people as Macedonians, I can give you a hint that is impossible.

  24. Kinda much coming from someone that would melt in so well in Bulgaria it would be like your family never left your Bulgarian identity under the rug.

  25. Wow so much ignorance in one post. Face it there was no “genocide” against “aegean macedonians”. No such group of people even exists. There are only Macedonians (ie Greeks in Macedonia) and the ones who stood for the killing, burning and kidnapping of small children were you slavic fake macedonians when you realized the war was lost. Now stop crying about your failed criminal intentions and go teach your grandmother to suck eggs you brainwashed bulgar boy.

  26. Not that accuracy of any sort is important to you west-bulgars, but if not Alexander (as is standard in English) it is Alexandros that you should choose as it is much closer to his native Greek spelling than that slavic corruption of yours that you posted.

  27. Ottoman colonisation of the region which were to become vardarska banovina (which later became your republic of fake macedonia) was extensive and the islamization of the slavs there was so as well. In fact it was only very recent that “re-converting” of the inhabitants started, and it was so common that there were folk songs made and recorded from this. A verse from such a song is as follows:

    Kade se chulo, videlo
    Turchin vera da menuva
    Vera da menuva
    Kaurin da stanuva

    Maybe a change in name to miss Turkey would be more fitting?

  28. Hey Skopian! Your own Foreign Minister Denko Maleski publicly admitted that you INVENTED your history. How embarrassing that must be for you Skopian frauds!

    “The idea that Alexander the Great belongs to us was at the mind of some outsider groups only. These groups were insignificant in the first years of our independence. But the big problem is that the old Balkan nations have been learned to legitimate themselves through their history. In the Balkans to be recognized as a nation you need to have history of 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Since you (Greece) forced us to invent a history, we did INVENT it.”
    — (FYROM Foreign Minister Denko Maleski)

  29. You are a Slav. It’s so terribly sad that Skopians are so ashamed of their Slavic Bulgarian heritage that they pretend to be descendants of that famous Hellenic Hero Alexander the Great.
    Your first elected President Kiro Gligorov wasn’t afraid of admitting his Slavic roots. Listen to what he had to say.

    “We are Slavs. There’s no connection between us and Alexander the Great” — Kiro Gligorov, First elected President of FYROM.

  30. Μακεδονία για τους Μακεδόνες. Solun θα Μακεδονίας πρωτεύουσα κάποτε ενωμένη.

  31. Do you know what you’re talking about because I certainly don’t.
    Oh I get it… the Cube… the gay bar…where you hang out! ahahahaha!!!

  32. You Slavs couldn’t bash your own cocks.
    If you were that good why don’t you come and get what you think is yours.
    Why did the Greeks [email protected] you up after WW2 & sent you packing to shitty Paeonia??
    I remember that incident well!
    You know and I know that it was a bunch of grown men…. cowards… versus 16 year old’s.
    Wankers like you from the Former Yugoslavia almost destroyed soccer in Australia with your BS.

  33. ‘Bet you get mistaken for a Middle Eastern moron in the Anglo world’

    Perhaps but you get identified as a moronic Slav anywhere you go in the world.


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