Keratsini Mayor Asking For More Police Protection

Greek Keratsini incidentAs a result of the violent outbreak last Saturday on the streets of the municipality of Keratsini caused by affiliates of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party, the mayor of the municipality is asking for increased police patrols throughout the streets of his city.

In his request sent to Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias, the mayor of the Piraeus municipality, Loukas Tzanis, mentioned that there is an urgent need to redesign and beef up existing law enforcement measures, primarily now that the municipal police force has been dismantled. The integrity and safety of the municipality’s citizens must be secured from any kind of fascist attacks, added Tzanis.

Late on Saturday, a group of Golden Dawn supporters threw rocks and missiles at Resalto, a leftist, anti-establishment hangout located in Keratsini, leading to surrounding homes suffering damages.

They also tore down a banner that had been put up in the Greek working class neighborhood near the spot where rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias on September 17 last year.

In their statement, Fyssas’s family and friends said the incident was an attempt to “terrorize” them and the Greek society. “It is one more knifing against all of us and against human values in Greece,” the family said.

The about 100 supporters of the ultra-nationalist party conducted a military-style parade in the Piraeus suburb’s center prior to attacking the leftist establishments, celebrating the Golden Dawn spokesman’s Ilias Kasidiaris decision to run for mayor of Athens in the upcoming local elections, held May in Greece.


  1. Golden Dawn are extreme but do you equally say “Death to the communist parties in Greece?

  2. Curious how leftists never seem to notice that the vast majority of violence in Greece is by leftist thugs that have taken over our streets with violent riots these last few years.

  3. I thought the same thing. Must be discarded out dated left over missiles from the latest group of migrants.

  4. We should use the term ILLEGALS.

    Foreign funded “human rights” NGOs, leftist media like The Guardian use propaganda terms like “undocument migrants” and “immigrants”.

    Truncating the use of illegal to describe them is a subtle form of warfare (as its disrespecting our sovereignty by effectively supporting an invasion). Every country in the world deports illegals. In the case of our treasonous leftists imbeciles, they hear the words ‘human rights” and throw their brains out the window.

  5. Usually I put quotes around the word “Migrant” in this case I baited the hook hoping to catch a Leftist, reporter or at the very least a NY university professor. Thank you for the lesson it is noted for future reference. Now lets try and catch a big emotional whale of a liberal to feast upon.

  6. Something every Greek should know about deceased Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P. Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P was very vocal in his lyrics about his hatred of the Hellenic people. Here are the lyrics to one of Pavlos Fyssas rap “songs”.

    f*** your fascism, son of a bitch, that’s right this is for you
    f*** every kind of fascist, let’s go
    f*** them, step on them, f*** them, piss on their face and F*** THEIR RACE”

    Did you get that last part?
    “F*** THEIR RACE”

    In other words, this Leftist degenerate (who also belonged to Antarsya) is saying “F*** the Greek Race”.

    After all, Golden Dawn is a Greek political party, it’s members belong to the Greek race, so when Pavlos Fyssas says, “F*** their race” he can only be referring to the Greek race!