Missed Calls Scam Unsuspicious Mobile Subscribers

Girl With Mobile Smart PhoneDuring the last months, a large number of mobile subscribers from almost all phone companies in Greece have received missed calls or short messages from an unknown foreign number, as revealed by an article featured in the Greek newspaper “TA NEA.”

These calls are usually made when the majority of mobile phone users are asleep or have turned off their devices. Later, upon seeing the missed call or getting the short message containing the foreign number, subscribers are prone to call back and find out who has been calling them.

As a result, Greek mobile subscribers are getting caught in a well-planned scam and get charged with extremely high prices, ranging from 10 up to 25 euro for the few seconds that the calls last.

The mobile service providers call their subscribers to keep in mind that most of these phone calls are made from the numbers +37127913091 and +3598920111, as well as from other numbers beginning with +375, +371 or +359, which are the international calling codes corresponding to the European countries Belarus, Latvia and Bulgaria.

The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) also warns their subscribers in Greece that calls to ten-digit numbers like 901 XXX XXXX and 909 XXX XXXX are to be dealt with caution, as well as number of the so-called multimedia information services, which are either ten-digit numbers like 901 XXX XXXX and 909 XXX XXXX, or four to five-digit numbers like 14ΧΧ(Χ), 190ΧΧ, 195ΧΧ or 54ΧΧΧ.


  1. I can only warn about the numbers. They even call with fake country codes, once I recieved one with +49 (Germany) but did not pick up and checked – the area code does not exist.