New Evidence, Prosecutions in Armaments Bribary Scandal


New incriminating evidence has come to light in the Greek armaments bribery scandal, implicating many state employees, politicians and businessmen. A list found during a search of Dimitris Papachristos’ office, former representative of German weapons manufacturer Krauss Maffei-Wegmann, points to additional money trails and companies which have until today managed to remain out of the frame. Papachristos was arrested some time ago on charges relating to bribery and corruption.

Later on Wednesday, former deputy director of armaments at the Ministry of Defense during the tenure of Akis Tsochatzopoulos, Antonis Kantas, is scheduled to appear before the prosecutor, where he is expected to present new evidence regarding the purchase of PZ90 machine guns from the German manufacturer. The Greek prosecutors Spyros Georgouleas and Christoforos Markou have also summoned Papachristos’ son, who appears to be the manager of two offshore companies which may have been involved in money laundering for Kantas, of over €600,000.

Greek judicial officials are also expected to summon their first German citizen in relation to the bribery scandal, the vice president of the weapons manufacturer at the time of the deals, Olaf Eschler. He appears to have received bribes from Papachristos via Switzerland.

Greek-Swiss banker Fanis Lyginos has also been called by the prosecutors, as he appears to have helped the former armaments director to launder bribe money in various Swiss bank accounts. According to Kantas’ testimony, Lyginos regularly visited Greece with the explicit intention of participating in the laundering of million-euro bribes in the scandals currently being investigated by Greek authorities.

From the evidence so far, it seems that the implicated companies were extremely “generous” towards the accused, since even Kantas, who was at the bottom of the ladder in terms of bribes, is reported to have received at least €12 million. Although having returned about €10 million, other huge amounts received by himself and other accomplices still remain accounted for.

Kantas has stated his intention to cooperate with the Greek authorities, however according to his lawyers, his testimony today is not expected to be particular fruitful.



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