Dendias: Quality of Greece’s Undocumented Immigrants Is “Tragic”


On Thursday, January 30, the Greek Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Dendias, criticised the European Union’s Dublin Regulation on asylum responsibility. In an interview with Skai Radio he stated that the Greek government is opposed to Dublin III as it leaves Greece in the same position. “We cannot alone carry the responsibility. We call for burden sharing among EU members,” said Dendias.

The Dublin Regulation requires that each EU member state is obliged to take full responsibility for any asylum application submitted. Furthermore it states that an immigrant is allowed to claim refugee status only in the state in which he or she first entered the EU.

Greece pushed for changes to Dublin III, however with little result. In the same interview, the Greek Minister described the quality of Greece’s immigrants as “tragic.” He continued, “migrants from the ex-Soviet Union that go to Sweden for example, will be better; will have some kind of level. On the other hand Greece gets migrants from Bangladesh and Afghanistan with a different culture and who belong to a different world. This is Greece’s misfortune.”

“With a sloppy bill in 1984, police and gendarmerie became one unit overnight. However, the model of the 50’s and 60’s remained. If only we were back in a time when we could just whistle and arrest the thief. Things have changed,” said Dendias.



  1. In the UK, they do everything in their power to deport illegals while self-righteous anti-Greek idiots at the Guardian point fingers at Greece (along with any Greek leftist stupid and treasonous enough to support mass illegal immigration into our country)

  2. The Greek government should investigate and prosecute anyone in Amnesty International and HRW or any other foreign funded NGO that provides logicalical support for mass illegal migration into our country. They are not above the law just because they put human rights in their organization names.

  3. UK has the worst Arab/Pakistani problem where the English themselves are emigrating out of the country. Have a look at the statistics instead of ranting like a raving lunatic

  4. Where am I saying something untrue troll? I probably know the stats better than you.

    I agree they have a problem with illegal migrants in the UK but it was only recently recognized. (which the rise of UKip and Conservative elements sound defeat of leftist Labour party shows).

    The fact is while modern British leftist media like “The Guardian” lecture Greeks on illegal migrantion.. there is a huge anti-immigration backlash going on the UK at the moment. (and that despite the fact Greece has far far more illegal migrants per capita then Atlantic ocean facing UK)

    Hypocrisy isn’t very credible is it?

  5. Because of unfortunately geographic realities the vast majority of illegal migrants into Europe enter illegally through Greece. They don’t actually come to Greece for Greece though (in the middle of a depression). They actually come to Greece because they want to move to richer nations to the north.

    What do those richer nations do? They push back all these illegals on Greece under ridiculous terms of Dublin 2 (which they still refuse to change) and then self-righteously fund fake “human rights’ ngos that constantly rant at us for being hostile towards mass illegal immigration. How low is that.

  6. I quire agree, Greece should demand higher quality illegal immigrants than the current shipments from Syria, Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan. This should be taken up with the EU and UN and the respective human exporting nations at the first opportunity. The cost to recover illegals floating about in the Mediterranean that all too often jump into the sea is very high. While it is much easier and less expensive to “collect” them when they simply attempt to walk across the border (without AK47s). Greece is in desperate times and needs only quality highly educated illegals entering if it is to recover for the loss of its own professional migrating North. If Amnesty International and HRW are concerned about the welfare of the people of the world, they should let everyone know about our plight “We need better Illegals or at least those that can swim”.