Farmakonisi Tragedy, Greek Police Detain Protesters

farmakonisi2Greek police authorities have detained dozens of people for trying to occupy the office of the Greek Marine Minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, during protests about the sinking of a boat carrying migrants from Turkey to Greece which resulted in the deaths of several people including children.

According to the Greek police more than 40 people were detained, but not arrested, during the protest at Varvitsiotis’ political office in the center of Athens, Greece.

The tragic incident took place last week just off the island of Farmakonisi in the eastern Aegean Sea, leading to the deaths of twelve people. Only two bodies were recovered while the rest are still missing.

According to the survivors, the Greek coast guard had tried to force them back towards Turkey by attached a rope to their vessel. The coast guard vessel accelerated rapidly, causing the migrants boat to capsize. “They (the Greek coast guard]) were kicking us to prevent us from getting onto their boat. When some of the women started screaming and crying they were shouting f**k you,” reported one of the survivors. It was also said that the coast guards were firing in the air and threatening the immigrants with their guns.

The Greek coast guard denies these accusations. They claim that their only priority was the safe towing of the boat to the nearest port, and then the rescue of those in the water after the boat had sunk. They also reported that two of the immigrants, being in a state of shock jumped into the sea. The rest moved to rescue them, thus shifting the center of gravity of the boat and causing it to capsize.


  1. Far leftist thugs strike yet again. This time they treasonously support mass illegal immigration into our country (using violence no less)

    The pseudo-Greeks communist fools that run Syriza of course not only say nothing to condemn their treason, violence, and lawless violation of our borders but calls these thugs victims (parroting foreign funded “human rights” ngos that not only also support mass illegal immigration into our country but disgustingly pretend not to notice the Skopians little transformation and irredentism)

    Thne we wonder why Greece is a mess of tax evasion and illegals.

  2. The Greek government should launch a criminal investigation into any foreign funded “human rights” NGO that colludes in mass illegal immigration into our sovereign country.

    The unelected fanatics of “Amnesty International” and “Human Rights Watch” should have staff arrested and booted from Greece if they keep using extreme rhetoric and providing logistical support to illegal migrants. (most of whom are economic migrants not war refugees) These “human rights” kooks are effectively supporting human trafficking into our country on a vast scale but self-righteously frame their neo-imperialist violation of our borders as “human rights”. (see plight of poor native Americans to see what will happen to indigenous Greeks if this undeclared invasion of our homeland continues)

  3. EVERY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD OPPOSES ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION… but undemocratic far leftist fanatics at news sources like “The Guardian” and fake “Human rights’ NGOs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch” behave as if we all agree to support mass illegal immigration.

    The pseudo “human rights” ngos need to be addressed. They are not above the law just because they put ‘human rights’ in their organization names. If someone actively supports illegal migration into our country (or any country for that matter) they should face prison time.