Greek Ombudsman: Media Reproduce Stereotypes and Promote Racism

Roma in Greece

The Greek Ombudsman in relation to the case of four-year old Maria who was found in a Roma camp in Larissa, central Greece, accuses the Greek media of reproducing stereotypes and helping to perpetuate discrimination against specific social groups. The Greek media are also accused of violating children’s rights with repeated and extensive display of images and details of their personal lives.

As reported by the Ombudsman, according to Greek Law and a ruling by the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV), the showing of juveniles is only permitted if it does not cause pain or harm to the child and must be accompanied by written permission of the child’s parents or guardians.

The Greek Ombudsman has proposed that guidelines should be issued regarding both the use of images and personal information about children. Also, the presentation of persons and events should be done in such a way as to not encourage racism, xenophobia and intolerance, and that supervisory bodies need to be vigilant in order to identify and control such incidents. Finally he suggests that further training should be made available for journalists in dealing with cases involving minors.



  1. Surprise Surprise. Another article aobut “racism” and “xenophobia” on leftist Greek Reporter. These words are used by leftists fanatics to shut down debate about mass illegal immigration. Our

  2. “The Greek media are also accused of violating children’s rights ”

    Accused by whom? Leftist foreign NGOs and leftist media that pretend not to notice FYROM’s identity change into ancient macedonians? The same unelected neo-imperialists that support mass illegal immigration into our sovereign country? Greeks need to wake up these fanatics are trying to subtlely ethnically delete Greeks. There will be no Greece in 100 years if we don’t fight back. The biggest poison of all is whiten Greece. The Greek left that betrayed Hellenism and their own country for the sake of US foreign policy (see people like Andy Dablis and the owner of this far left pseudo Greek website that cares more about “Hollywood”, illegals, and lining his personal pocket than Greece.

  3. Racism is wrong but opposing illegal immigration is not “racism”.

    An example of racism would be pretentious bigots that claim to speak for “human rights”.. then pretend they don’t notice Skopians turning into ancient Macedonians and manipulating of the name to threaten sovereign Greek territory.

    Visit websites of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and see what these anti-Greek bigots have to say about FYROM’s behavior… nothing. They all hide in shame from obvious state propaganda to protect their image.

    And our leftists? They all cowardly pretend they don’t notice.

    Not a single peep of condemnation of HRW or Amnesty International or the Guardian or the NY Times or anyone else that calls the Skopians “Macedonians”. They are afraid to speak out because so many betrayed us.

    Not a single drop of Leonidas blood could flow through the veins of such cowards.

  4. Meanwhile in the UK, the British are starting to see through the “human rights” wording scam being promoted by leftwing extremists.

    “The Immigration Bill farce that insults the British people”

    “All the parties should be producing urgent proposals to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights that makes clear the rights of law-abiding citizens carry more weight than the whims of criminals”

  5. They’ll probably have hypocritical double standards.
    For example they’ll bash Christianity (especially Orthodox) but will call you an islamophobe if you make the equivalent criticism of muslims. Another example is you won’t be able to talk about the Holocaust without being labeled a racist but they’ll freely coverup the Armenian Genocide, Holodomor, etc. This way they can yell “holocaust” every time someone opposes the leftist/cultural Marxist agenda.

  6. Exactly right. You even make excellent points of all sorts of other largely unrecognized genocides. Good luck getting a American raised leftist like Andy Dablis (writer for Greek Reporter) to talk about the American genocide of native peoples. Andy has been so indoctrinated by the American assimilation machine he even references himself on his Twitter page as “An American living in Athens”.

    Leftist extremists have learned to manipulate words like human rights and racism to attack those critical of their views (even nationalists are manipulating our leftists with these words). They don’t see that their open door immigration policies are actually a human rights atrocity. They are robbing peoples around the world of their ancestral homelands much like early imperialists to the America’s did but they frame it as “human rights”. What crazy is if everyone started moving to indigenous protected zones like the Galapagos islands they’d be up in arms over animals.

    American shills like US raised Andy Dablisis basically trying to push American ideology onto Greece. If Greece was like the US, there would be no Greeks left. It would be a substitution of the Greek people by someone else much native indians were eradicated by early imperialists.

    Leftist “Greeks” are much like the Skopians. Greeks only in name. They are posers. Had our ancestors thought this way there would be no Greece today. We would have been assimilated into Turks much like Andy has been assimilated into an “American Living In Athens”.

  7. Its good to see you defending your maJka like a good boy!!
    Of course your majka is the prettiest woman alive…. to you.
    But to the rest of us she looks like a goat.

  8. The Press and TV Media here has a lot to account for in that it has not only been Rasist but hve also been “totally biased” and one-sided in its reporting of Political events here, always favoring their masters from PASOK & ND over any other Party with an alternative view in Parliament.
    The Station owners should be rounded up and arrested for conspiring with PASOK and ND to control the NEWS and reporters should be put in jail for fraud and High Treason!

  9. This is the Greek Ombudsman, please read carefully and try really hard not to embarrass yourselves. Grandma knows best

  10. As an antihellenic non-Greek fraud you don’t get to lecture Greeks and be taken seriously.,

  11. It’s even easier being a cowardly imbecile that choses to ignore anti-Greek “human rights” NGOs silently colluding with Skopians threatening our country.