Mistake Averts Political Storm between MEP Karas and SYRIZA

Karas in Greek parliamentDuring a meeting held on Wednesday in a committee of the Greek Parliament between the vice president of the European parliament, MEP Othmar Karas, and Greek MP’s, a major political outbreak was prevented, as an intriguing part of the conversation was lost in translation.

The Austrian MEP, who is visiting Athens as head of the EU committee monitoring the actions of the Troika in EU member states, made remarks in reference to the leader of the major opposition party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, mentioning that during their last meeting in Strasbourg, Tsipras seemed to be unprepared. “We met in Strasbourg with the opposition leader and asked Mr. Tsipras to present us his objectives and proposals, while also asking him what can be corrected. For the next hour though, he didn’t say anything. He only said that he supports the European parliament and wants our committee to take on more responsibilities,” Karas said.

This statement met no response by the SYRIZA MP’s who were present at the meeting, as the crucial part concerning the name of the opposition leader had been mistakenly interpreted as “Cyprus,” thus leaving the MP’s puzzled about the choice of the Austrian MEP to talk about the neighboring country’s opposition leader.

Later, upon examining the audio and video transcripts the mistake was revealed. “I said Tsipras. I couldn’t be asking a country,” Karas said answering to news editors.

The SYRIZA MP’s present in the room later stated that if they had realized that the accusations of Karas were targeting their leader, they wouldn’t have let the MEP go on with his speech. SYRIZA issued a statement condemning the “false and defamatory allegations by Mr. Karas,” while mentioning, “these unacceptable allegations were not even taken seriously by the interpreter, who thought that Karas was talking about Cyprus.”

Recently, the head of the Troika’s monitoring committee admitted in an interview that the troika has made mistakes but eventually saved Greece from bankruptcy. “The troika was necessary. The EU wasn’t ready to deal with the financial crisis on its own,” Karas said on Wednesday.


  1. More Lies and tricks by the EU Commission in bed with PASOK and ND Criminal Traitors destroying Greece by the day!— GET RID OF THEM ALL!!!!

  2. You as a non-Greek foreign nationalist are in no position to call Greeks “traitor”.

  3. Someone needs to get rid of worldfixer. Wonder which country he lives in. My bet is he’s a Skopian. The little Greek hating turd not only never comments on the Skopian issue but even supports them.

  4. More lies by Syriza and the Greek government…All MEP’s and the Troika are highly educated and they are well aware of their jobs…This crisis is caused by our Greek politicians and the EU is saving our country from drowning further…The mistakes and mismanagement of our past and present politicians bankrupt our country…

  5. It wasn’t just politicians. It was also average citizens (rich and poor alike) that also stole from the system (its estimated over 40 percent of the population stole either through some form of tax evasion or abuse of services). We also have a problem with an unproductive uncompetitive private sector which needs to be addressed (something no government is responsible for)

    Reason suggests unless we deal with fundamental issues (rather go on witchhunts like fanatics that support communist Syriza and fascist Golden Dawn) the economic problems will continue. Behaving like irrational savages that only generate hysteria with riots and hyperbole will only make things worse not better.

  6. A prudent and sound-minded response. But don’t hold your breath. “Mea culpa” will not be heard echoing down the corridors in this land, yet, your right, we all do better. Until people realize that “if your not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem,” chaos will just continue. The ping pong game between the far left and the far right will just make us more dizzy. The centrist public has to adopt sound policies and back intelligent and proactive candidates with no genetic connection to the animals that ran the country for the past 40 years.


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