Piraeus, Fastest Growing Port in 2013

piraeus_port_greeceThe total number of containers handled in 2013 at the port of Piraeus exceeded all expectations, making Greece’s largest port the fastest growing in the world.

According to an article in Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the subsidiary of the Chinese company COCSO, which is managing all operations at Pier II and III of the Piraeus container terminal, last year handled 2.520 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), as containers are known, compared to the 2.4 million expected. With an additional 644,000 TEU handled by the Greek Piraeus Port Authority (OLP) at Pier I, total container traffic amounted to 3.163 million TEU. This means that Piraeus is the third largest port in the Mediterranean, along with rapid growth over the last three years and a doubling in size since 2011.

It is estimated that Piraeus will be the busiest container terminal in the Mediterranean by 2016. The port ranked 4th in 2012 in terms of TEU in the Mediterranean. The port of Valencia in Spain ranked first with 4.46 million TEU, followed by Algeciras, also in Spain with 4.1 million TEU and Ambarli in Turkey with 3.09 million. At the same time, the three busiest ports of northern Europe, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp (8.63 million TEU), saw a decline in container volumes.

The proximity of Piraeus to the Suez Canal, which is the European entry point for Asian imports, and its railway which links to the national and European network, saves around six days for goods bound for markets in central Europe, making Piraeus the preferred European port for Asian trade.

The busiest commercial ports in the Mediterranean in 2012 were:

  1. Valencia (Spain)
  2. Algeciras (Spain)
  3. Piraeus (Greece, 2013)
  4. Ambali (Turkey)
  5. Gioia Tauro (Italy)
  6. Marsaxlokk (Malta)
  7. Genoa (Italy)
  8. Barcelona (Spain)
  9. Mersin (Turkey)
  10. Las Palmas (Spain)



  1. Our shipping industry is a perfect example of why our left wing are self-destructive. It is still growing precisely because of lack of over regulation and taxation that is so common in the rest of Greece (as situation our idiotic communist dominated unions created) The people in the shipping industry get to keep most the money they earned… which gives them incentive to keep working and investing.

    Compare that to useless propaganda outlets like ERT that sucked countless millions out of our economy and hardworking taxpayers over years. Did TV options suddenly disappear without ERT as our always whining leftists try to portray the situation at the time? Is their suddenly a shortage of access to information?


    ERT was just a big useless money pit which our leftists thieves “generously” supported. Getting government handouts it the solution to every problem for a leftist. In other words, take out of the pockets of hard working citizens and give to themselves for doing either nothing or nothing that someone would pay for in the private sector.

    The only time leftists disagree with high taxes is when they themselves have to pay. (statistically speaking most of the tax evaders in greece vote left)

  2. Yeah but they need to pay at least something. Who operates with zero tax? Most of their offices and funds are in NY or London not Greece. At least pay a fee or a really small income tax like 5%, the government does provide some services to everyone even the shipping industry. It’s not fair to the rest of the industries who are heavily taxed and over regulated. Liberalize these industries and tax the shipping but to a very small point where they have the incentive to still invest.

  3. Our shipping industry might not pay corporate taxes but they still pay income tax. Their employees pay income tax. The material they use as part of their business still get charged VAT. They also create jobs in spin off industries that also pay income tax and vat.

    Taxation isn’t necessarily wrong or right. Its a tool to an ends which to a rational person is a better economy. What matters is proper application of tax (or lack thereof).

    Corporate taxation is plain stupid. We should encourage people to invest their money in their businesses because that’s precisely what improves quality of life. We should have ZERO tax on all corporate spending if anything. Just close up loopholes where people abuse the system by trying to pawn off personal indulgences as corporate related.

    For instance, someone buying a Mercedes for personal use shouldn’t be able to write it off as a corporate expense. On the other hand, someone investing in a factory that will produce millions of product x, should be able to write off every last dime. He’s improved the qualify of life of not only himself but millions of people.

  4. According to the Wall Street Journal.

    “The National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce warned that 60,000 jobs at Greek maritime companies and in related service and supply industries would be at risk if the fiscal exemption were be scrapped.”

    Tiny Greece has a larger merchant marine than the US (and most of it owned by Greeks). Its an industry we can be proud of that is still booming while the rest of our economy has been destroyed through over regulation and excessive taxation. Lets not destroy our one world class industry for the sake of leftist greed and incompetence.

    If anything Greeks should look at our shipping industry’s enormous success and ask why aren’t our other industries being taxed in similar fashion.

  5. Greece certainly didn’t get into this economic mess by low taxes and frugal government spending. It was socialist anarchist nightmare that created this massive debt.

    The quality of life in the free world today is far greater than any communist country that has ever existed and ever will. Central planning is not only economically inefficient but highly oppressive. This was not only vividly demonstrated in many nations during the cold war but even today in places like North Korea that is a living hellhole compared to the world class South Korea.

  6. The Chinese only recently made an entry into the Greek shipping industry. Most of it is run by Greeks and its been highly successful for decades. In fact, the Chinese entering the Greek shipping industry is a testimonial to the fact its world class and that low corporate taxation has positive spin offs.

    Unfortunately when left wing fanatics see success, they can’t keep their greedy self-righteous fingers away from other people’s money. I shudder to think what will happen to thousands of shipping jobs if the communist fanatics of Syriza win the next election. Kiss our shipping industry goodbye. They’ll tax it to extinction like we have done so many other industries in Greece.

  7. ERT is indeed an example of a big waste of money in modern Greece. There are so many private channels which are doing their job ok, I do not understand what is the point in having a State-owned TV channel in 2014 in a European, 1st world economy. It is obviously a symptom of the leftist and socialist governments who run Greece most of the time since 1981. Pumping huge amounts of public funds in low quality television (apart from some documentaries, I’ve never seen something interesting on ERT) is a shame.


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