Filippidi’s Extradition Expected Next Week

Former Hellenic Postbank President Angelos Filippides

All relevant documentation on Angelos Filippidis has been handed over to the Turkish prosecutor in Istanbul, thus giving the green light for the extradition of the Greek businessman who is wanted for his involvement in the Hellenic Postbank loan scandal.

The hearing for the former CEO of Hellenic Postbank will probably be scheduled for Monday. Filippidis could then be returned to Greece within 48 hours.

Until then, the once powerful executive of the Hellenic Postbank will remain in a Turkish prison, while preparing his response to the charges brought against him.

Filippidis was arrested two weeks ago by Turkish authorities in a hotel in Istanbul, according to an international arrest warrant issued by Greek judicial officials. His extradition, although raising some concerns due to delays, is expected to proceed smoothly.


  1. Just more Cimes PASOK & ND Parties have allowed in Greece for BANK BRIBES of free loans..!


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