Video Showing Coast Guard Officers Threatening Immigrants

farmakonisi2A few days after the tragedy on the island of Farmakonisi, eastern Greece, that left the Greek and international community shocked, the Deutsche Welle presented a video that reveals the maltreatment of immigrants  by Greek coast guard officers and the poor conditions of their detention on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The video shows several immigrants from  Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, crammed in a boat in the middle of the sea and the Greek officers threatening them with their guns, shouting: “Don’t move, I’ll kill you. Hands up, everyone stay in the boat.” The terrified immigrants obeyed the officers orders.

One of the survivors, an immigrant from Somalia, reports that he was told to go to the back of the coast guard boat and when he arrived the engines started. The propeller broke his legs and caused him serious injuries. “I asked for help, because I was bleeding. I was cold and my clothes were wet.  I asked for a blanket, but no one gave me one,” he says.

The video continues, presenting the poor conditions of immigrants detention, in the port of Lesbos. There are only three tents and two toilets for 11 men. The immigrants aren’t allowed to leave the port.

According to Deutsche Welle the immigrants who passed away have been buried in the cemetery between the garbage.