Video Showing Coast Guard Officers Threatening Immigrants

farmakonisi2A few days after the tragedy on the island of Farmakonisi, eastern Greece, that left the Greek and international community shocked, the Deutsche Welle presented a video that reveals the maltreatment of immigrants  by Greek coast guard officers and the poor conditions of their detention on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The video shows several immigrants from  Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, crammed in a boat in the middle of the sea and the Greek officers threatening them with their guns, shouting: “Don’t move, I’ll kill you. Hands up, everyone stay in the boat.” The terrified immigrants obeyed the officers orders.

One of the survivors, an immigrant from Somalia, reports that he was told to go to the back of the coast guard boat and when he arrived the engines started. The propeller broke his legs and caused him serious injuries. “I asked for help, because I was bleeding. I was cold and my clothes were wet.  I asked for a blanket, but no one gave me one,” he says.

The video continues, presenting the poor conditions of immigrants detention, in the port of Lesbos. There are only three tents and two toilets for 11 men. The immigrants aren’t allowed to leave the port.

According to Deutsche Welle the immigrants who passed away have been buried in the cemetery between the garbage.


  1. such a manipulative handle swapping liar. never once argued for illegals. you are too dumb to realize that being anti-nd/pasok and traitors like yourself, that are multi-generations removed from being Greek and have never been there, does not mean a defense of leftists.

    leftist treason is this person

    i am attacking you the only skopian around here.

  2. Then prove it by stop arguing with those that are against illegal migration…..stop spending all your time arguing with those that are against Skopians.

    Instead argue with FYROM ultra nationalists..Argue with TREASONOUS LEFTISTS that support illegal migrants. Condemn the TREASONOUS LEFTISTS that call Skopians “Macedonians”.

    Criticize the left wing Greek Reporter staff for their constant daily whining in support of illegals. Criticize the leftist Greek Reporter staff for barely mentioning the FYROM issue and being too cowardly to criticize foreigners that call Skopians “Macedonians”.

  3. you are so blinded with your obsession with illegals and skopians (perhaps your abusive father was a skopian) that you fail to realize that my attacks on you relate to your support of Greece’s largest traitors – ND/PASOK. Not to mention that ND/PASOK are 100% responsible and no one else for the illegal situation.

    all this proves is that you bring up these issues to deflect from the most important issue today – the ECONOMY – the issue front and center on the mind of all Greeks (but you wouldn’t know that since you’ve never been there to see the economic crisis), that ND/PASOK failed to focus on and destroyed.

  4. walking on egg shells like a coward. reaching out for online allies because you have no real life friends and have been deleted from here many times before. msmlies is consistent in that he criticizes nd/pasok/samaras/venizelos traitors like yourself and criticizes the NWO Bank oligarchy, that you to support….. i’ll give him that much.

    “He previously wrote we should support Syriza” SHOW US YOU LIAR IN LIGHT OF THIS. YOU CAN’T.

    so i’ve said deport all illegals, than the only way to secure the borders is economically, criticize your boy samaras in light of the fact that he has destroyed Greece economically, and that is all considered a defense?

    i’ve changed no positions.

  5. You see according to a leftest, our border guards shouldn’t have any guns. They should roll out the red carpet for illegals that consciously violate our borders. We should all say “pretty please” leave and all the illegals will leave. And if you don’t agre … well we are all “racist” and “human rights’ violators.

    Meanwhile in Germany, US, Israel, UK, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and countless countries around the world… their border guards have guns… and they point them at people when they attempt to violate the laws and soverignty of their countries. They also deport illegals In fact Germany (that produced this video) has been shipping back illegals to Greece under the terms of Dublin 2 for years. No mention in the video about these little details.

    Instead yet another hatchet job against Greece for an unfortunate situation that arose because of ILLEGALS that disrespect our borders. Foreign funded NGOs that keep expecting us not to be hostile towards them… while meanwhile their own countries are refusing to accept these illegals.

    Enough. Stop electing leftists that apologize for illegals. Stop buying newspapers run by leftists. Kick out the illegals. Kick out the foreign NGOS that collude with them. Who cares what they say. They are the same antiGreeks bigots that look the other way with the SKopians.

  6. Broken legs badly gashed by the whirl of propellers and he walks without a cast? This video appears to be contrived by budding leftist film directors attempting to gain credibility at the expense of the people of Greece. Even the boat is not the same. Please in the future will the Left at least try to work on the dialogue and make sure the undocumented migrants can at least speak Greek or the Coast Guard sailors speak Arabic. The Cannes film festival attendees will love this “documentary” for the drama and cinematography.

  7. You are a liar. There are countless posts of you coming out of the woodwork every time leftists are criticized (as you have done yet again here). In the past you even said we should “unite” under Syriza. (your exact word)

    The only time you show up here is when it comes time to defend TREASONOUS LEFTISTS. You spend hours and hours attacking Greeks hostile towards illegals, Skopians and leftists. When Skopians show up… thes8niki is no where to be found.

    The TREASONOUS LEFTISTS that thought like you during the civil war were shooting Greeks for the Skopian trying to ethnically erase Greeks. The patriots were defending their country.

  8. Bingo.

    Every day LEFTISTS on Greek Reporter’s staff push this junk (maybe once a month an article on FYROM). Unfortunately it is not just here. Leftist “Greeks” keep doing this. Instead of condeming illegals they keep defending illegals. (calling the violation of our borders ‘human rights”).

    Greek leftists in the diaspora are especially treasonous in this regard. My guess is likely a combination of foreign press and guilt (because they themselves are immigrations) They fail to distinguish between legal and illegal migration. They fail to consider the per capita numbers involve. They lump in our situation as normal for every country when the reality is we have the highest number of illegal per capita in the world.

    Not every lefist Greek is irrational like this but unfortunately even the ones that aren’t are in complete denial of the TREASON among their fellow leftists

    All the “human rights” ngos… all the media that keep writing sob stories for illegals… and explaining why Greece should accept them (while meanwhile every other country in the world deports illegals and they could certainly ask for ours to lesson the load… to a man… LEFTISTS.

  9. “In the past you even said we should “unite” under Syriza. ”

    i know for a FACT that’s not true. you must be confusing me with someone else. why don’t you show us then you filthy liar. i’ve asked this many times but I’m sure you’ll come back with some lame comeback (SINCE i never said those things) how i should look for myself.

    i came out of the woodwork to reveal your identity and thrash you for supporting ND/PASOK/Samaras/Euro and deflecting from the real issue – the economy.

    you are the only skopian here (under a variety of handles)

    the patriots in WW2 vs the nazis then the civil war vs the commies would put a bullet in your head for supporting the parties that have destroyed the Greek economy and given up all Her sovereignty.

    you have nothing positive to point to to the 2 parties you support that destroyed this country, so you deflect with other issues, lies, and various handles you create to include posing as a skopian just like your father, and them make MASSIVE ASSUMPTIONS that ripping on traitors like yourself and ND/PASOK is the same thing as supporting leftists. it’s not you low life

  10. Let me throw in for good measure, any Greek that ridiculous calls obvious slavs “ethnic Macedonians…. you know already… leftists.

    Read any article UK based “the Guardia: that involves FYROM written by a Greek. The anti-Greeks sleezeballs on the Guardian editorial board selectively choose only Greek leftists that call the Skopians “macedonians”

    Case in point. “Greek” communist fanatic Maria Margaronis (whose a big Syriza supporter). She not only supports Skopians but tries to talk us out of our very identity as Greeks.

  11. Right you are against illegals and Skopians… this is why you keep attacking those against illegals and Skopians and keep defending TREASONOUS LEFTISTS that defending illegals and Skopians. Makes complete sense.

  12. “”you are so blinded with your obsession with illegals and skopians ”

    There you go again defending illegals and Skopians. The economy is certainly important. However, a subtle attempt to commit GENOCIDE against the Greek people is “slightly” more important. Of course to a TREASONOUS LEFTIST (or even perhaps foreigner pretending to be Greek) the issue would be minor.

  13. i attack nd/pasok supporters like you who deflect from their treason and failures by bringing up other issues. learn the difference

  14. No one has to take my word for it. Any Greek with eyes can see for themselves you are typically nowhere to be found when Skopians come here trash talking Greece. Whether that indicates you are idiotic leftist that is too lazy and cowardly to defend your own country or a Skopian yourself really doesn’t make a difference. (also see the countless Greek massacred by treason leftists on behalf of Skopians during the civil war)

  15. is the every day average Greek worried about the economy or weak skopians like your abusive father? since you’ve never been to Greece you wouldn’t know….

    skopians will never be able to commit any genocide nor is it remotely even a threat. but i guess mouvopava like yourself shake in their boots when confronted with filthy cowards like skopians.

    way to take it out of context (not surprising from the filthiest manipulating liar to have graced this website) again. that was in no way shape or form of a defense. it was showing you that i attack you for being a nd/pasok supporting traitor not for your positions on illegals and skopians, which i agree with why don’t you post under your original name

  16. no one does. trust me people know who you are

    you are the skopian handles

    so back to the economy which your hero and his 152 minions destroyed……

  17. Maria imaginative writings could not make a go of it at home, so she migrated and found a home. She is a “refugee” without a boat and I doubt anyone with any sense is willing to pull her out of the drink.

  18. You are liar. The very fact you once again became offended and obsesively attack me for criticizing TREASONOUS LEFTIST is ample evidence of that.

    “Greeks” that apologize for illegals and demonize Greeks over illegal migrants (rather than condemn illegals)… to a man… .LEFTISTS.

    “Greeks” that cal ridiculously call Skopians “Macedoinans”… to a man… LEFTISTS.

    Even the Greeks on the left that aren’t treasonous are in complete denial of this harsh reality of TREASON among their fellow leftists.

  19. where did i get offended? defending your LIES is not taking offense just like attacking you for supporting the parties that destroyed this country is not the same thing as supporting leftists.

    why don’t you post under your old handle among many others

  20. To the man on the streets of Athens there is no doubt about the media circus. But to the ill informed especially the Eurocrats this is becoming a hot topic. Perhaps it is best this festering boil is popped by pushing it before the EU and UN so the healing process can eventually begin. This media campaign of hearsay and innuendo is a total waste of time as nothing substantively is being done except by Greece out of necessity and urgency and at great risk to our coast guard. One day soon we will hear of an incident where shots were fired at those who’s sworn duty is to protect our shores.

  21. ND are now trying to do the right thing. I would consider aj alternative if any rational ones existed.

    Whining self-righteous leftist fanatics on the other hand undermine Greece in the here and now because of past mistakes. If we oppose ND and Pasok who do you think will win? TREASONOUS COMMUNIST Syriza. (the same fanatics that disgustingly treat Greeks massacred by “Greek” communists on behalf of Skopians during the civil war as “heros”.. and support mass illegal immigration into Greece)

  22. “skopians will never be able to commit any genocide nor is it remotely even a threat.”

    You are an utter moron if you think Skopian are working alone to this goal.

    Many of those that ridiculously called the slavs “ethnic Macedonians” are trying to bury their mistake for recognizing them (including the foreign “human rights’ NGOS and media that TREASONOUS LEFTISTS keep parroting)

    The Greek left have no clue whatsoever whats going on. Why do you think they all try to downplay FYROM’s identity change and continue to call obviosu fruads “Macedonians? They are literally trying to ethnically delete us by writing history to make us into non-Greeks. GENOCIDE.

    Notice anything missing from this “human rights” article on history of Greeks? Perhaps the word GREEKS? Do you see any mention of FYROM’s sudden identity change into ancient Macedonians and irredentism? Any mention the UK and US used to support on this issue?

    Wake up

  23. Your obsession with me, does not dismiss my point you are nowhere to be found when SKopians come here trash taking Greece.

    So back to TREASONOUS LEFTISTS. Why do you keep getting offended every time they are criticized unless you support them yourself? Do you also participate in vigils Syriza holds commemorating the TREASONOUS communist thugs that massacred Greeks for IMRO?

  24. where did i get offended? or are you wrongly assuming AGAIN that when I attack you for being a nd/pasok scumbag that it means I am offended? why don’t u use your handle

    so back to the economy your parties nd/pasok destroyed and continue to…..

    so back to the illegal issue that your parties nd/pasok are 100% responsible for……

  25. To understand how these leftist vermin twist stories…

    A few months ago some Albanians shot at police while crossing illegallly into the country (killing one). Rather than condemn illegal migrants and support our police, the leftist idiot that runs this website (whom I believe lives in Los Angelas) published a story whose first sentence was…

    “In yet another showdown between police and undocumented migrants, a police sergeant and two Albanians were killed in a shootout near Greece’s northern border at dawn on Dec. 8.”

    a. Notice the use of “undocumented migrants” (a sneaky way of saying they are just missing documentation from being legal)

    b. they ridiculously try to make the Greek police look bad for being attacked with ak-47 by harden criminals?

    Our leftists treasonously undermine their own country for cheap political points.

  26. Here is a link to the offensive article. Policemen murdered by thugs with AK-47s. Greek leftists try to blame our police as somehow to blame . Its beyond bizarre. Its an inversion of morality.

    “In yet another showdown between police and undocumented migrants, a police sergeant and two Albanians were killed in a shootout near Greece’s northern border at dawn on Dec. 8.”

  27. I recall the report very clearly. It is necessary for them to massage the facts or the story to fit their agenda. They didn’t shed any tears for the slain police officer but interestingly about the same time had a posed photo of a slain Bear sow and her cub embracing. That drew more emotion from the reporter’s coverage than the surviving family members of the slain officer.
    The message here is; The Story Must Always Fit the Agenda.

  28. I agree. The point I’m making is that all the treason in our country is coming essentially from one source… the left wing. GD are extreme (we shouldn’t support Nazism) but I have no doubts they oppose illegal immigration and Skopians. Not everyone on the left is treasonous but they ones that aren’t are in complete denial of over the treason in their midst.

    As a side point we should be very concerned our alleged British “allies” selectively choose communist fanatics like Maria to represent us. The Guardian certainly would never support a publically support a communist in their own country but they tell us to vote for Tsipiras?

    Its like the cold war didn’t happen. They pretend they don’t know they used to support us on this Skopians issue. Today we are not “real” Greeks and the Skopians are obvious slavs have been descendents of ancient Macedonians?

    We have to call these antihellenic foreigner pricks out. To do this however we have to united ourselves. We have to come back to the center despite past mistakes of our middle parties. Supporting parties like GD and Communists (or just whining without voicing a rational option) will only lead to conflict among ourselves rather than our real enemies.

  29. I clearly offend you. You spent hours today attacking me for criticizing your beloved TREASONOUS LEFTISTS.

    You don’t seem to care about the Skopian issue., Unlike TREASONOUS COWARDLY LEFTISTS, I consider a subtle attempt to ethnically delete the Greek people an important issue.

  30. Exactly. And this is why I keep pounding on the left.

    Frankly I hate this website. Because of the leftists -ssholes that run it pains me to post here.

    The only reason I post here is because it is the most popular Greek website on the internet. I want other Greeks to see they are being played by leftwing extremists that have no clue what is going on around it.

    They have no idea that the “human rights’ ngos they keep parroting… are literally trying to ethnically delete Greeks. (but in subtle way by trying to muddle geographic space with ethnicity). They want us to call Middle easterners, africans, chinese, slavs, etc.. “Greeks”. They want us to not care if Greece is called Western Turkistan. It’s all the same in the brain of these leftists “human rights” NGOs (they are trying to push a US multiculturalism model not only on Greece but every country in the world.. whether we agree or not)

    They may call it “human rights’ but its actually ethnic cleansing. This is the reason why they pretend not to notice the Skopians.

  31. You obvious are offended. You keep obsessively attacking me every time I am critical of TREASONOUS LEFTISTS.

    Curiously you are never to be found when Skopian Nazis come here arguing to annex 1/3 of our country. Too busy attacking Greeks and denfending TREASONSOUS LEFTISTS it seems. Rather strange logic for someone that claims to be “Greek”.


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