Tsipras Says Samaras In Panic Mode

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras' party is pulling away from New Democracy
SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras’ party is pulling away from New Democracy

Major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) Alexis Tsipras said a decision by Prime Minister and New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras ruling out any possibility of a coalition shows the Premier is panicking while trying to hold together a disintegrating partnership with the PASOK Socialists.

Speaking to his supporters and denouncing Samaras again for backing austerity measures demanded by international lenders in return for $325 billion in two bailouts to keep the economy from collapsing, Tsipiras said his agenda of “Youth, democracy, and workers.” He offered no clue how he would govern a broke country if he comes to power and reneges on paying back the loans.

“See the basic representative of the old and the worn, Mr. Samaras. He cannot hide his fear. And this fear which is also the fear of the interests he expresses, dictate spasmodic movements, spasmodic policies, spasmodic strategies, spasmodic propaganda.

“But when panic becomes the policy of those in charge then the country enters a high-danger zone. And the danger Mr. Samaras and his partners represent is even bigger because they are spoiled,” he said.

With SYRIZA showing leads over New Democracy in recent polls that also showed PASOK on the edge of extinction, Tspiras said the ruling parties will be repudiated elections in May for Greek municipalities and the European Parliament and he will come to power.

That was said before Samaras ruled out forming a governing coalition with leftist SYRIZA, adding that the power-sharing administration aims to complete its four-year term.

“SYRIZA is saying ‘no’ to everything. It is not harming the government only, but the country as well. There is absolutely no room for cooperation,” Samaras told his conservative MPs.

Tsipiras, who has been sniping from the sidelines, took another shot at Samaras and the ruling groups. “They believe in showing every way that power belongs to them through the mercy of God – that’s where recently they involved the Almighty in their political dispute. They believe and show in every way that authority belongs to their particular aristocracy.”

He continued: “He went to the Parliament to gather the parameters of his parliamentary group which is decomposing under the weight of the memorandum policy.

“His members of Parliament are serving a penalty, this is obvious for each one. They cannot take it anymore, they openly declare it. And what did the President of New Democracy do? A public manifestation of panic, that’s what he did.”

In another blast at Samaras, he said that, “He was going on for 20 minutes explaining why he can’t govern with SYRIZA! He was cursing on the opposition for 20 minutes with his well-known nondescript style. ‘Co-govern with them like some people dream of? Of course not!’ he said of Samaras’ characterization.

His attack prompted a reaction from government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou, who slammed the opposition’s “insults and slander.” PASOK, the junior coalition partner, also accused Tsipras of “demagoguery.”

In a statement, the Socialist party said Tsipras has tied his political fate “to the existence and perpetuation of the memorandum. Without it, he has nothing to say,” it said.


  1. The utterly corrupt New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime, better known in Greece as the Venizelos-Samaras Junta is headed into the dustbin of history.
    The real struggle commences now. The struggle between the two main political movements in Greece, SYRIZA and Golden Dawn.

  2. Come May of 2014, the Greek citizens of the Hellenic Republic known as Ellas; a once glorious country now destroyed by all the corrupt in politics ND and PASOK ( stealing millions of euros from the state for their own greed) will deliver a vote to SYRiZA and the Samaras -Venizelos corrupt coalition government will come to and end.
    It will be a ecstatic moment in Greek history to see the 2 political parties that destroyed Greece over a 4 decade period come to an end. I’m no fan of Tsipras but I want Greece to exit not have Tsipras and his gang continue the corruption by stealing front the state.
    I have confidence that The citizens of Greece will deliver a heavy blow to The lying Samaras.

    May Greece be on the way out of the euro! And may the corruption among all the Lamogia come to an end!

  3. We wonder why our country is a mess. Look no further than the geniuses that post here.

    Aside from the communist wackos we also have nazis. Even on this thread we a Nazi MSMIles and terrorist supporter Strongmenabc (both of whom repeatedly keep calling for executions) These people are decidedly dangerous. One can only hope security services are monitoring Greek websites to keep track of these potential killers and that the Greek electorate understands that giving these sorts of irrational violent fanatics would lead to conflict..

  4. You forgot to take your medication today didn’t you? You are paranoid beyond belief. Country is a mess today because of the two political parties and all the corruption among them which is about 99.99% that looted the countries wealth. Did it ever occur to you that the government or shall I say lack of government and massive corruption among banks and politicians cause the mess? You obviously wouldn’t realize any of this because you are part of them with your solitary support and love for these thieves that destroyed Greece.

  5. Nowhere in my comment have I called for executing anyone. Nor have I done so in other articles. By spreading lies and misinformation you expose yourself to be an immoral and a shameless liar. I have stated that if Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece they will bring in legislation that will apply the death penalty to paedophiles, rapists, those guilty of particularly gruesome premeditated murders, traffickers of large quantities of hardcore narcotics such as heroin and methamphetamines, terrorism, and state treason. I also stated that a large number of New Democracy and PASOK MP’s both present and retired would be tried by the Greek courts on grounds of state treason, and if found guilty by the Greek courts they would be executed.

  6. He’s right. All the the sociopathic violent assertion you use here indicates you are a fanatic.

  7. “I’ve never called for executing anyone”

    “if Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece they will bring in legislation that will apply the DEATH PENALTY to paedophiles, rapists, those guilty of particularly gruesome premeditated murders, traffickers of large quantities of hardcore narcotics such as heroin and methamphetamines, human traffickers, slavers, terrorism, and state treason.” (treason = anyone that opposes Nazis)

    “Logic” of a Nazi.

  8. Agreed. “strongmen”abc is just as bad as MSMiles. He shovels the same sort of over-the-top manure. They cheer violence and resort to slander through hyperbole as a form of argumentation. They’ve apparently never heard of the concept of logical fallacies. Sociopaths is a good word to describe them.

  9. Tsipras is right….. and all this done by Smaras is just MORE CRIMES by this Gov’t of PASOK & ND Liars and Thieves destroying Greece daily! —– GET RID OF THEM!!!!

  10. It is Gov’t of PASOK & ND Liars and Thieves that caused all this after 40 years of Corrupt Rule who are now destroying Greece daily! GET RID OF THEM and jail Samars & Venizelos and rest of them for High Treason !!!!

  11. If our country votes in communist extremists, not only will things not improve economically, but the painful reforms we’ve made will be for nothing. Syriza will unravel all the necessary changes. The troika will cease giving funds that helped pay our bills. We will straight default. In a panic the communists will start nationalizing everything when they realize they have no money to fulfill their promises. It will not be enough.

    Much like Chinese under Mao, or North Korean’s today, Tsipiras simpleton flock will entertain themselves with communist conspiracy theories as to how they are all victims to the banks, the rich, the powerful yada yada, rather than have a economy.

    Communists are not only incompetent but incompetent to the point of tyrannical. In our case, the communists will slowly (unwittingly) guide Greece into a brutal third world Islamic theocracy through a combination of central planning, non-existent immigration policies, and an unsustainable “multiculturalism” ideological outlook they subscribe to. We will end up like places like Kosovo and Iraq when eventually sectarian violence breaks out. (and you can trust irrational anti nationalism obsessed communists to take the side of antihelleness just as they did during the civil war)

    If someone doesn’t like ND or Pasok, that’s fine. Choose other parties but for goodness don’t just whine like spoiled children. That only effectively ends up aiding communists (and nazis) currently waiting in the wings to take power. Those that behave in this irresponsible fashion harm our beloved Greece.

  12. Considering the immense challenges facing our beloved Ellada, Samaras is doing an incrediable job – trying to keep a lid on Ellada exploding into a viscous cycle of hate and simplistic solutions that only serve the fringes of society.
    The forces that surround Ellada are the ones who will benfit – life is complex and has many contradictions (αντιλογια) -many shades grey, not just black and white – to be a leader takes more than just saying “kill them,hang them etc etc….”
    A man knows the world he lives in.

  13. This is a classic case of political opponents attempting to define each other before the other can do so. The war of words and name calling gradually builds to a climax as the elections near or until its effectiveness is no longer evident. The only benefit that SYRIZA enjoys in this battle of headlines, is it has not been in power for decades and consequently does not have a record to attack. The faults of previous PASOK administrations and policies could theoretically apply to SYRIZA as today’s heir to socialism, however that would be a double edge sword cutting off what little is left of Samaras’ coalition partner’s credibility. As the push polls move and current events unfold, Brussels, Berlin and every Government Minister will have their say as they fight for their personal credibility and political future.

  14. A very powerful message and well written – complex problems in society need complex solutions by a society based on rational debate where all have a chance to participate and benefit. 1.Corruption and bureaucracy have to be eliminated. 2. local entrepreneurship must be encouraged supported with the help of cheap loans. 3. freeze prices 4, lower taxes for new innovative business’ they employ the youth 5. establish E.E.Z in the Ionian sea – to extract gas – industries need a cheap nationally owned source of energy 51% owned by the Hellenic state – please add positive contributions