Greece ‘s Far-Right Golden Dawn’s Plan B: National Dawn

National Dawn_GreeceWith the Greek government having arrested its leaders and trying to dismantle the party, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn has chosen the backup name of National Dawn to use in upcoming municipal elections if it is banned.

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, out on bail and among the party hierarchy arrested on charges of running a criminal gang, said it would rise under the other name and field candidates no matter how the government tries to stop it.

“Patriots will have a party to vote for in the next election if (authorities) go ahead with the coup to ban Golden Dawn,” he told a gathering of about 3,000 Golden Dawn supporters on Feb. 1.

He was the keynote speaker at the Golden Dawn rally held to commemorate a 1996 incident which cost the lives of three navy officers and brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war. Golden Dawn has been holding the rally for years at the monument dedicated to the three officers, in central Athens.

A formerly marginal group with neo-Nazi roots, Golden Dawn exploded in popularity amid Greece’s financial crisis, a growing sense of insecurity and an expanding migrant presence.

It entered Parliament for the first time in June 2012, as the fifth most popular, gaining 7 percent of the vote. Despite the jailing of its leaders, it consistently comes in third place in opinion polls, although its appeal has dropped back to single digits after the murder in Sept. 2013 of an anti-fascist hip-hop artist, Pavlos Fyssas, by a party member.

Two of Golden Dawn’s guards at a neighborhood office were later gunned down by a group which said it was in retaliation for the killing of Fyssas, setting off fears of a spiral of retribution.

Nonetheless, it remains Greece ‘s third most popular political party and is expected to perform well in the May elections amid anger over government cuts. Recent polls show the party would garner 8.9 to 10.3 percent of the vote if it were held now.

Kasidiaris, who is running for mayor of Athens, said that the arrests of senior Golden Dawn members wouldn’t stop the party from moving forward.

“They put us in jail. And what happened? Did we falter? No, we did not,” he said. “We are stronger, we are more powerful and in a short time we will be in power.”

A prosecutor’s report called Golden Dawn a “criminal organization” that has engaged in attacks on people, some fatal, with migrants a favorite target. The report said Golden Dawn functioned as a top-down organization with a strict hierarchy, with Nikos Michaloliakos as a “fuehrer-like leader” who was aware of all criminal actions.

Since the arrest of Michaloliakos and his officials, there have been calls to ban the party and Kasidiaris said the National Dawn move was a contingency response to provide a legal front in case of such a ban.

“We will contest the elections, whatever happens. Greek patriots have founded National Dawn, which does not include the Golden Dawn ‘murderers,'” Kasidiaris said, referring to those who imprisoned his colleagues.

While the extreme rightists dispersed peacefully from the area of the rally, there were scuffles between leftists staging a counter-rally at Syntagma Square, a few hundred meters away outside the Greek parliament.

Police had banned both right and left extremists from marching through central Athens to prevent bloody clashes between the two. The scuffles broke out when the leftists spotted a man carrying a Greek flag, attacking and injuring him slightly. Golden Dawn rallies frequently feature supporters waving a field of Greek flags.

Riot police used stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowd. The chase eventually ended at a subway station, where police again used tear gas amid protesting commuters and chased protesters through the tunnels. Protesters set fire to garbage cans and an ATM but the riot was short-lived. Police detained six persons and eventually arrested one.


  1. “The scuffles broke out when the leftists spotted a man carrying a Greek flag, attacking and injuring him slightly.”

    That tells you all you need to know about Leftists. Leftists are treasonous anti-Hellenic parasites. The now deceased Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P was one of these anti-Hellenic degenerate traitors. His rap “songs” spewed hatred against the Greek race.

  2. Odd here they have a photo of Kasidiaris at the rally but nothing from the police action against the anti-fascists. Did the cameraman run out of film, battery life or is this self-imposed media censoring?

  3. Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos left a taped message that was played to the crowd of thousands of Golden Dawn supporters gathered at the 2014 Imia commemoration march. Nikos Michaloliakos has led the annual Imia commemoration since 1997. This is the first time he has not been able to physically attend due to his being locked up in prison on the orders of the crumbling New Democracy – PASOK coalition regime.

  4. The ones that have “anger over government cuts”‘ (former Pasok and ND supporters that have moved now that those parties have made cuts) are the exact parasites that are destroying our country. They shamelessly demand to live off the backs of others even at the expense of homeland..

  5. They can change names all they want. They will still only get support from a small percentage of Greeks., They claim they are “taking over” but not only will they never have the capacity to form a even coalition government but many of their criminal party leadership are headed for prison.

    Most of their supporters aren’t fascist. They are just average people that lost trust in our main parties (understandable) but then gullibly fell for the populism of Hitler lover Michaloliakos. The treasonous Nazi lover is just as bad as the treasonous communist lovers. It is these parasites that demand to live off the backs of other citizens that are the problem with Greece.

    Rather than mind their own business and work on their own productivity they are out on the streets terrorizing others to give them money. The main difference between Nazis and Communists is one is nationalist extremist and the other is internationalist extremist but their behavior and love of all powerful government is nearly identical in other respects. Oppressors.

  6. The leftist fruitcakes on Greek Reporter keep going on and on about Golden Dawn but the reality is that our communists are far worse and far more numerous than GD. Communists keep terrorizing our streets for what they ridiculously frames as “democracy” and “human rights’.

    “Democracy” and “human rights’ in a communist tyrant’s mind is just another word for single party communist dictatorship (ala “Democratic” Republic of North Korea) . Greeks that support communism are evil and need to be called out just as much as GD.

  7. There were several very bloody years when the war with communists was with bullets instead of ideas. Let’s hope the situation does not devolve to that extent ever again. The Leftist smell victory due in large part to center right ND’s ineffectiveness. Their opportunity to make substantive reforms came and went and still to this day they are DEBATING with the Troika about their mutually agreed memorandum instead of ACTING. At this point some harsh medicine is needed for both sides. The Left will ascend to power with SYRIZA unprepared to rule in a coalition government and the people’s suffering will continue or likely increase. Meanwhile ND must purge itself of career politicians and family dynasties while re-evaluating its position and goals. Failure of ND to do so will result in their being eclipsed by a new conservative democratic party that will cannibalize what’s left of the party of Karamanlis. There will be no going back, just as SYRIZA has done to PASOK.

  8. The major party like ND and Pasok, are all traitors, they are to blame for this crisis and also not to forget SYRIZA, they are just as bad, most of their MPs are ex PASOK and are backed by George Soros who he is in favour of calling FYROM as the Republic of Macedonia and SYRIZA agrees to it.. SYRIZA is just another socialist party that will destroy Greece if they ever get into power… Beware of SYRIZA and their lies..

  9. Actually, the only two parties in Greece that will see an increase in the share of the vote at the May 25th Municipal and EU parliamentary elections are SYRIZA and Golden Dawn. All other parties will see a drastic decrease in support. PASOK will be confirmed as being politically irrelevant, and New Democracy will lose a large slice of the vote it got in June 2012, with most of the voters that decide to ditch New Democracy moving into Golden Dawns camp. Greece’s PM Antonis Samaras knows that he is bleeding unnaceptable levels of support to Golden Dawn and is desperate to ban Golden Dawn. Even if he does it won’t make a difference now as Golden Dawn will simply run as National Dawn. Golden Dawn has outflanked the Venizelos-Samaras Junta once again!

  10. Excerpt from todays Guardian newspaper article titled: Greece’s Golden Dawn to form new party if banned from polls.

    “Surveys show Golden Dawn remains the country’s third largest force, able to win AT LEAST 10% of the vote.”

    Note: The undecided voters and the “hidden vote” will in my opinion and the opinion of many others ensure that Golden Dawn scores several percentage points higher than 10%.