Greek Riot Police Clash With Anti-Fascists

Greek Riot Police Clash With Anti-FascistsRiot police and anti-fascist protesters in Greece have clashed in central Athens, leaving at least two people injured.

Greek Police said more than 3,000 supporters of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party held a rally on Saturday to commemorate a 1996 dispute over an uninhabited Aegean Sea island that brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war.

Saturday’s rally was largely peaceful, but violent clashes were triggered by the counter-demonstration, staged by leftist groups protesting against the Golden Dawn rally.
Six people were detained and one arrest was made.
Authorities had banned marches through the city to avoid bloody incidents breaking out.


  1. How odd no photo not even a contrived one. Lots of posed photos about Farmakonisi which happened in high seas and the subsequent “rallies”, but noting available from the streets of Athens when anti-fascists clash with police. Not one camera, no smart phones or video recordings? This is highly unlikely when Leftists gather for yet another militant publicity stunt.

  2. These ‘anti-fascists’ are more fascist than the actual fascists.
    Athens is never going to become a good tourism destination 365 days/year with these silly scumbags.

  3. All against fascism but at least in Greece the people that label their organizations “Anti-fascist” organizations” are typically communist and anarchist extremists. They exploit people’s disgust for fascism to push their own form of extremism. (as witnessed by the violence that often follows these “anti-fascist” demonstrations which resemble the violence of GD ) There are two extremes in Greece not just one.

  4. Spot on. These violent communists (and anarachists) are just as bad as GD but they get away with it because the alleged “moderate” Greek left refuses to condemn communist extremists like Syriza and KKE (whose extreme rhetoric and positions fuel these violent fanatics), These communist fanatics disgustingly admire mass murdering tyrants like Stalin. How is that an iota better than the fascist extremists that admire Hitler?

  5. Aren’t anti-fascists Centrists, Leftists, Anarchists or Communists? Why the misnomer?

  6. Extreme situations call for extreme action and extreme ideologies. “Moderate” movements will not save Greece and Europe from the mess it’s in.