Greek Minister of Health: ‘I Lied about the Memorandum’


A video that shows Greek Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, confessing that he lied about Greece’s memorandum has attracted media attention. This confession was made by Adonis Georgiadis on October 23, 2013 during a TV show on the Greek TV channel Antenna.

The Greek Minister of Health said that at the very early stages of the memorandum he was more optimistic than he should have been, seeing as all the Greek politicians knew that the memorandum equals the country’s devastation.

He admitted that all those who voted in favor of the memorandums were fully aware of the negative impact this decision would have on the Greek people.

The following is a dialogue between Adonis Georgiadis and the host of the TV show Grigoris Arnaoutoglou:

-Arnaoutoglou: I want you to place your hand on your heart and tell me something that you had to lie about during your career as a politician and please don’t tell me that you were always sincere because I won’t believe you.

-Georgiadis: Look, I have to admit that I have lied, but not in order to deceive. This is something that I never do. This is why I speak directly by saying the truth no matter how tough it is for the citizens to hear.

-Arnaoutoglou: Come on, tell me one thing that you’ve lied about…

-Georgiadis: Ok, I will tell you…The first days of the memorandum, I was publicly showing  much more optimism than I truly felt. For example, I was saying to the Greek people, that the memorandum is nothing that we should worry about, while we all knew that it was our doom. It was difficult to tell to the Greek citizens that “you are doomed.”

The following is a clip of the Antenna TV interview.




  1. “Look, I have to admit that I have lied, but not in order deceive.”

    What TWISTED LOGIC is this? This is so typical of the warped mindset of New Democracy MP’s.

    “I was saying to the Greek people, that the memorandum is nothing that we should worry about, while WE ALL KNEW that it was our doom.”

    There you have it! TREASON! The MP’s of New Democracy and PASOK signed a memorandum given to them by the EU-ECB-IMF Troika knowing that this would destroy Greece! TRAITORS! Over 5000 Greek citizens have since committed suicide as a direct result of the economic devastation brought about by this memorandum that the New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime signed. Unemployment is at 28% (66% amongst the youth).
    These self confessed traitors must be put on trial and punished. There is only one form of punishment that can fit the magnitude of their crime.

  2. Kyriakos suddenly becomes the public sector’s advocate and Georgiadis undermines the Memorandum. These are signals the splintering of ND is gathering steam as party sycophants attempt to reinvent themselves while gradually distancing themselves from Samaras’ failed agenda. Many take this as a signal that depending upon the outcome of the May elections, it will be necessary to sack Samaras to save the party.

  3. Just more LIES and HIGH CRIMES by this Gov’t of Thieves and Crooks who have destroyed Greece and they should all be impeached IMMEDIATELY and jail for TREASON!

  4. “Look, I have to admit that I have lied, but not in order deceive”

    LOOOOOL why is this a common thing from a Greek?

    I bet that he has something else to admit, otherwise check his assets & bank accounts

  5. Not only Greek politicians do you lie, your country’s politicians also do lie same as all politicians all over the world…


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