Thousands of Immigrants Expected in Greece From Turkey

farmakonisi2A large number of  immigrants exceeding 10,000 are crammed into warehouses in the surrounding area of Bodrum, Turkey, waiting for an opportunity to enter Greece.

Greece is under intense pressure trying to protect its sea borders, as tackling illegal immigration is one of the country’s main concerns during the Greek EU presidency.

Circuits of traffickers have set up a well-organized business by importing immigrants to Greece. They “push” immigrants to the coastal areas of Asia Minor such as Bodrum, providing them with temporary residence in hovels or sheds. Then they transport them to Greece in plastic boats and without life jackets.

The 28 immigrants found offshore the Greek island of Farmakonisi, were victims of such criminal circuits. Twelve of these people, including women and children died trying to reach Greece.

The immigrants arrested by Greek Port authorities in the Aegean Sea report their shocking experiences and the inhumane manner in which the traffickers treat them. Meanwhile, the Greek Ministry of Shipping holds confidential information on the new waves of immigrants that are expected in Greece.