150 New Airline Routes from Athens


The 150 newly established airline routes from Athens, Greece shows that 2014 will be a year of recovery for Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. The 150 new weekly flights will start in the summer season.

Aegean Airlines has announced an increase of seat capacity mostly for international flights while Ryanair has announced  900,000 new seats for domestic flights in the summer period. Low-cost airlines in Athens will increase from 12 to 17, representing 29.3% of all companies launching flights to the Greek capital, and the low-cost airlines routes will rise by 40%.

Some of 150 new weekly flights from Athens, Greece are:

Eindhoven (Transavia)
Hamburg (Aegean, Easyjet)
Abu Dhabi ( Aegean)
Beirut ( Aegean)
Vienna (Niki)
Brussels (Brussels Airlines)
Zurich ( Aegean)
Cairo (Aegean)
Copenhagen ( Aegean)
Lyon (Transavia France)
Marseilles ( Aegean)
Milan – Linate (Alitalia)
Birmingham (Aegean)
Nantes (Aegean, Transavia France)
Naples (Meridianna Fly)
Paris (Transavia France)
Paphos (Aegean)
Rome (Vueling)- two daily flights
Singapore (Singapore)
Split (Croatia Airlines)
Stockholm ( Aegean)


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  5. Excellent that Aegean are opening more routes to Athens, at discount rates. But do not use them to continue on to the Islands. You will pay more for a much shorter flight than the time to get to Athens. About time that the goverment stepped in and stopped the extortionate prices Aegean charge to fly to the Islands from Athens.