Filippidis: ‘They are After Me Because I am Friend of Karamanlis’

kostasaggelos_630_355Angelos Filippidis, the former head of Hellenic Postbank who was arrested in Istanbul after Greek authorities said he was wanted in connection with a bad loan scheme at the failed state bank he ran, made a statement in front of the Turkish Jury  that caused a lot of speculation within political and media circles. He stated that his prosecution is political, as the Greek authorities through him are targeting Greece ’s former Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis. Mr. Filippidis was released by a Turkish Court even though Greece had requested his extradition from the Turkish authorities.

The text that explains the full reasoning of the Turkish Court’s decision to set him free was sent to the Greek authorities today.

During his trial, Mr. Filippidis stated that the Greek authorities are after him because he is Kostas Karamanlis personal friend. “My prosecution aims to harm Mr. Karamanlis” he said.

What is more, these statements of Mr. Filippidis took many by surprise as he had repeatedly said to the Greek media that he would not block his extradition to the Greek authorities.

Moreover, the reasoning behind the Turkish court’s decision, is that the warrant of Mr. Fillipidis’ arrest was submitted without having previously issued any charges against him.

The Greek authorities upon being informed that Mr. Filippidis was set free, requested that the Turks arrest him again as there is a second warrant for him.


  1. More jokes and CRIMES against the Greek People by PASOK & ND Banker Cronies—

    GET RID of ALL these rotting scum who are a plague on Greece robbing her blind !

    The Turks let Banker Filippidis out on orders from Samaras, so Filippidis would not implicate the New Democracy or PASOK and lose more MPs…what a scam and FARCE!

  2. We don’t know if Samara give the order to free Filippidis from jail. What we know is that all politicians past and present are involved either direct or indirect way in corruption. Furthermore some are in jail and some are roaming free looting our wealth protected by our FKNG justice system who is protecting the corrupt and sending in jail the innocent…

  3. Some that are in jail have been placed there for political expediency namely GD’s MPs. While justice is perceived to be blind, it isn’t stupid and neither are the people. Therein lies the great legal entanglement of the coalition.

  4. For the record, Worldfixer isn’t Greek. He’s a foreign nationalist hostile towards Greek. He comes here trying to manipulatively get any Greek sheep he can find to join him in attacking our country.

  5. Come on, guys–did you really expect any different outcome? What was Mr. P (hander-out of millions of euros) doing over there in Turkey in the first place?

    Something tells me he wasn’t there to pick up knock-off brand T shirts at the bazaar.

  6. Gd gang are in prison because they are a criminal organization and they are inciting violence and murder of Greeks and immigrants.

  7. That is a healthy amount of supposition and the burden of proof has yet to be demonstrated.. More likely they are being held in jail to advance the political interest of the coalition and for them to maintain their majority. Remarkably even with the Lagarde List no active member from any other party has spent a night in the lock up. Go figure?

  8. Look Polycrates, my supposition is as healthy as the sickening photos we recently saw of the GD.I agree that we have been governed by thieves in the past and terrible crimes have been committed but GD is not the answer.They are a bunch of violent hooligans and very dangerous too.

  9. I am he is caught as he has to give account of his misdeeds.We want to see all the thieves in prison and preferably the return of the stolen money

  10. I point out the inequality of the system that is heavily weighed in favour of the coalition. Those that support such actions as ND has undertaken should take heed they are walking a fine line with totalitarianism and in fact are endorsing the very same issues they are being so critical of GD. Simply put we cannot be hyper critical of GD’s policies and allow others just guilty to slip through the hands of justice. Justice may be blind but it isn’t stupid.


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