Former Greek Prime Minister: ‘Merkel Imposed the IMF On Greece’


The former Greek Prime Minister and PASOK’s leader, George Papandreou continues his lectures. This time, he delivered a lecture at the London School of Economics (LSE). The subject of his speech was the Present and the Future of the European Union.

In Monday’s lecture at LSE, Mr. Papandreou underlined once more that Ms. Merkel imposed the participation of the IMF in the Greek bailout plan because Berlin did not trust the European Commission’s surveillance of Greece.

“When I was Greece’s Prime Minister and the International Markets were saying that we were about to default, I had no place to turn for help” said the former Greek Prime Minister. Meanwhile, he was asked to reveal why he decided to hold a referendum in 2011 and not in 2010, a decision that caused frustration to the markets and brought Greece one step shy from going bankrupt. George Papandreou claimed that there was no law that would allow such a decision, meanwhile the country was two days away from defaulting.

The Greek newspaper “TA NEA” reported that the former Prime Minister estimated that by 2050 no member-State of the EU will be part of the G20 while he suggested that the president of the European Parliament should be elected directly from its citizens.


  1. Just MORE CRIMES actually admitted to by Papandreaou & PASOK & ND who destoryed Greece and continue to do so while receiving lofty salaries and bonuses while the People starve!

  2. These criminals duped all you greeks at home and abroad!! oh yes you people outside who say your greek and critize its people you are the ones that should go to hell…stupid ignorance!

  3. I’m afraid Greeks did this to themselves by adopting corrupt, populist policies that they couldn’t afford to fund nor could they support or generate the desired conditions for strong sustained growth and wealth creation . So when the credit crunch arrived Greece turned out to be the weakest link.

  4. Using your reasoning we could say that Americans bought 9/11 on themselves then? By adopting greedy, grasping, aggressive and populist foreign policies.

  5. Wait till the s**t hits the fanin the US and Northern Europe. Their debt is far greater than Greece or Italy combined

  6. Papandreou: Eparhoun lefta. Elect me and I promise I’ll give you government handouts!
    Leftists: Lets all vote for Papandreou!
    Papandreou : (once elected) Whoops. Then eparhoun lefta.

    Tsiprias: Eparhoun lefta. Elect me and I promise I’ll give you government handouts!
    Leftists: Lets all pretend we didn’t vote for Pasok and now shamelessly vote for a communist.

    Then we wonder why Greece is a mess. Why work when we can vote to get “free” money.

  7. You are right. The irony is the political parties that also helped get us into this mess are the only ones behaving responsibly today — while most of their former followers have moved on to insane parties like Syriza and GD.

    They apparently haven’t learned yet that wealth does not grow of government trees. Rather than ask how they can help their country they are still shamelessly demanding handouts.

  8. So now the students and faculty of LSE are all the wiser from this Greek sage and paragon of economics–Mr. George Papandreou. When he was in the States he lectured at Harvard and Columbia on “how to manage a nation in crises.” Right. What the f. . . .?

    It just goes to show how much these dynasty guys are totally connected to the Jewish infrastructure of power and money in the world. Individually, they really have nothing of substance to say or teach anyone, based on their failed track record and history of running the nation of Greece into the ground.

    It is a travesty that a person like Mr. Papandreou is allowed to even go around the world parading himself as someone other than the colossal Karagiozi he is. But it’s also is a telling commentary on just how much the rest of the world really follows corrupt Greek politics, fiscal catastrophes, and the people responsible for their existence.

  9. There are essentially three kinds of leftists (aka shameless beggars) currently in Greece

    1. Hardcore communists that say they are communists. Tyrannical communist thugs but at least they are honest about their single party communist dictatorship goals (what communists frame as “democracy”)

    2. Former Pasok voters that now vote for communists (ala comrade Tsipiras). That type love to criticize Pasok as if most of them didn’t all wildly support Pasok for decades. 0

    3.. Disillustioned socialist populists (like most of the staff of Greek Reporter and the leftist commentators that obsessively post anti-government rants here). They claim to moderates be against communism but all the positions they take on issues are nearly identical to other types of leftists. (from the treasonous apologizing for illegals to the endless shameless demands for government handouts) .

    Heck even GD are left wing from an economic standpoint (the “socialist” part of nationalist socialist). The fact is only a tiny percentage of Greeks are focused on our economy. The rest are still trying to figure out ways of scamming money from the government. (usually the same sorts that claim they are “against corruption”, are the same ones the support parties that are against government cuts)

  10. Much of the same can be said of ND by their long and well documented history of vote buying, patronage handouts and maintaining the welfare state. I would hasten to call GD socialists except in cases where extremists go to absolute extremes. In such instances opposite poles of the political spectrum can go such extremes, that a socialist can adopt nationalist views and a nationalist acquires socialist views.

  11. He is merchandising himself with significant honoraria payouts for his lectures by publically funded universities. When he has finished milking the system we can expect him to land a nice appointment with the World Bank or other useless global entity such as the United Nations. Recycling politicians is more important than saving the world.

  12. No one twisted any arms to accept Greece as a member of the EZ. The is ample blame to go around and I would place greater emphasis on Brussels for being incompetent in their duty by failing to complete a due diligence of Greece’s finances and revenue projections. Greeks cheating on their taxes and government corruption is as old as the Acropolis has been settled. No surprises here, just false outrage by Eurocrats trying to save face.

  13. Yeah, I guess so. But “let the buyers beware.” Papandreou was dangerous mainly because he worked so hard at taking a nefarious tack at every turn. The man remains a “loose cannon,” regardless of what theories there are about his family’ ties to global money and their hedging on the Greek debt.

  14. As far as Greece is concerned he is done. No hope for a return, no confidence, and no idea what he is doing, sums up his career. He is a tarnished relic of PASOK’s “glorious” past that now is a reminder of all that went so terribly wrong. With such baggage, he has limited options that only his cadre of like minded aging socialists may find him another well paying appointment. He will occasionally interject his opinion in Greece’s politics but no one really cares not even the Olive Tree Alliance

  15. GD are socialists (same sort of anti-bank, anti-rich rhetoric as the communists). They are just *national* socialists like the Nazis.

    I would agree past ND adminstrations were in part responsble for our current mess but not the current one under Samaras. They actually making cuts and painful changes and should be applauded for it(with help from Pasok no less).

    Unfortunately some greeks have learned absolutely nothing from our overspending debacle. Still shamelessly expecting our government to fix their own economic ills. Even here on Greek Reporter you see these fanatics (they even irrationally join in on the Greek bashing with foreigners hostile towards the very existence of Greeks)

  16. Why don’t Skopians like you ask your grandfathers about your ethnic BULGARIAN ancestors?

  17. I honestly don’t see how the two relate. I also take no joy out of either event. The reason for the finger pointing is that I believe that people in Greece like Papandreou need to accept principle responsibility for their mistakes rather than to make excuses by blaming others, irrespective of whether the other parties had a hand in Greece’s debt demise or not. The most valuable thing that can come out of these miserable ashes would be the learning gained and how to avoid a repetition.

  18. In Skopian there is an old saying; Mama’s baby, Papa’s maybe. Who knows what they are, they don’t even know or at least admit it.