The ‘Secret Garden’ of Kostis Georgiou at the Benaki Museum

Kostis Georgiou_Secret GardenZoomorphic sculptures, acrobats, angels, mannequins of the future along with a porcupine gather in the “Secret Garden” which is set up in the atrium of the Benaki Museum Pireos Street Annexe by Kostis Georgiou, who is expected to meet with the public on Wednesday.

A garden with colorful sculptures, or 25 projects, comprise the «Hortus Clausus» of painter-sculptor Georgiou. Powerfully sculpted objects made with wrought iron, steel and aluminum in black, red and blue colors create a modern design.

The artist will be prsenting for the first time in Greece the sculpture “Galileo”, of which a copy exists in both Brussels and Shanghai. The theatrical setup of the exhibition in the atrium of the museum was chosen to operate as an “enclosed Eden”, where sculptures breathe and create a magical space for the viewer.
(source: ana-mpa)