From Farmers to Doctors, Biggest Tax-Evaders in Greece for 2013


Greece’s Financial and Crime Unit (SDOE) had quite a big job on their hands last year. After numerous thorough controls, SDOE discovered that there are an abundance of Greek citizens from different groups that are not paying their taxes as they should.

Greek farmers are on the top of the list of the biggest tax-evaders in Greece. In second come the contractors and in third, large enterprises. Fourth on the list of biggest tax-evaders in Greece stand the traders of agricultural products who are then followed by doctors.

SDOE also uncovered that a political figure is on the list of biggest tax evaders in Greece. According to SDOE’s official announcement, Pavlos Xaikalis, MP of Independent Greeks, is not paying his taxes properly. Earlier today, Mr. Xaikalis gave a brief interview to the Greek TV channel SKAI, where he confessed by saying “I admit that I acted against the law. But this was not my intention. I take full responsibility for my action and it was not my intention to act illegally.”

Additionally, Greece’s Financial and Crime Unit also found many State-owned organizations that are tax evading.


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