Best Greek Companies of 2013


Hrima, a modern Greek financial and investment magazine published by Ethos Media, awarded for the 11th consecutive year the best Greek companies that contributed to Greece’s economic growth.

During the ceremony Greek Deputy Finance Minister  Christos Staikouras stated that the country will recover in 2014, pointing out that the privatizations and the structural reforms already implemented will boost the Greek economy.

The companies awarded are: Alpha Bank, OTE, Karelias, Jumbo, Folli Follie, Mytilineos, METKA, Karatzis, Kleemann, AS Company, Cyclon, Pireus Port Authority, Thessaloniki Port Authority, Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Pireus Bank, National Bank of Greece, Attica Bank, Profil, Papoutsanis, Tria Alpha, Domiki Kritis, Vidavo, Intralot, Creta Farms, Lykos, Aegean Airlines, Hellas Online, Iaso, Mils, Forthnet, Profile, Motoroil, Fourlis, OPAP, Hellenic Petroleum, Public Power Corporation (DEI), Alpha Trust, Foodlink, Euroxx Securities.


  1. Many of these are government entities and hardly qualify as candidates meriting the title of “Best”. How can a business be Best when it operates at a loss?

  2. How can our companies make a profit when so many Greeks are against our busineses? Aside from accusing everyone with any measure of success of being part of some corrupt cabal, these populists keep shamelessly demanding handouts.from the government.

    The fact is the “free” government services populists keep demanding come out of the pocket books of the producers in our society. That money could have been spent productively towards improving our economy in the private sector. Instead it goes to lazy parasites. Rather than focusing on their own productivity and education they waste all their time on the internet or rioting on the streets demanding handouts.

    Usually the same ones demanding handouts are same ones that produce next to nothing but empty words and give nothing but empty words. If everyone only takes and produces nothing, whom is left to give?


  3. National Bank of Greece? You got to be kidding us. The President, CEO and Board of directors are all connected to the corrupt Greek government. This bank is garbage run by the Greek mafia government and couldn’t care less about its shareholders. A 1 to 5 reverse split followed by another 1 to 10 reverse split in the past 4 years. Shareholders worldwide go wiped out billions of dollars and euros by these thugs who stole people’s investment-money.
    NBG is the biggest load of crap and every Board member should be arrested for CORRUTPION.
    I wouldn’t recommend this turd to anyone unless you have money to give away to the LAMOGIA!


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