Greek Farmers to Escalate Struggle


The ultimatum that Greek farmers issued to the Greek government in order for their demands to be met finally come to an end at noon today. The farmers warned that they will be setting up roadblocks all over the country unless the Greek government retracts the measures regarding taxation and high production.

Representatives of the Greek farmers had a barrage of meetings with government officials in order to find a peaceful solution. The government promised to examine the farmer’s demands and finding a solution. The farmers said that they are willing to wait until noon today, but due to the lack of progress they’ve already set up roadblocks in some places in Egnatia Motorway.

Farmers from Thessaly have called a Panhellenic meeting of farmer unions on Saturday in order to coordinate their struggle in the most effective way. Tomorrow, farmers from Serres will decide a strategy on how to express themselves in their protest. Tomorrow, the General Secretary of the Greek Communist Party (KKE), Dimitris Koutsoumbas is going to visit Nikaia’s roadblock to express his party’s support in the farmers’ struggle.