Greek Management Salaries


According to the annual salary and benefit survey conducted by KPMG per sector, managers of the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors appear to be the “champions” in domestic entrepreneurship for 2013.

KPMG’s surveys have been present in the Greek market for 20 years and reflect the strategy followed by businesses in wage issues. Insurance companies, consumer products companies, pharmaceutical/agrochemical sector as well as high level technology are the four sectors that KPMG is examining every year as a representative sample of Greece’s market.

According to KPMG’s data, a Human Resource Manager in a Greek pharmaceutical company with extensive training, 8-10 years of experience and at least 6 years as a supervisor, has a total annual gross earnings of up to 68,995 euros, while for a Chief Medical Officer the amount rises to 89,213 euros.

Consumer products companies has the second position where an HR Manager’s annual gross earnings comes up to 61,400 euros, while a marketing director’s earnings last year were 79,443 euros.

In the high level technology sector, an IT manager’s salary reached 64,200 euros. Last but not least are the insurance companies where a middle area sales manager earns an average of 45,144 euros.

According to KPMG’s data, 65 percent of the companies polled gave a wage increase in at least one group of employees in 2013 while 57 percent of the companies have no intention of giving any raises within 2014.

In addition, 63 percent of the consumer product companies gave zero salary raises while 37 percent gave wage increases to selected groups of employees.