Increase in Toll Fees, Except For MPs

    toll feesToll fees have increased in Greece since Wednesday at midnight, as announced by concessionaire consortium “Nea Odos.” The increase concerns the national road network between Athens and Lamia.

    Drivers will have to pay 40-60% more in most toll stations between the two cities. As of Thursday, the fee in the toll station near Thebes will be 3.95 euros, compared to the previous 2.55 euros. In addition, the fee to exit the national road network in Thebes for example, was raised to 1.55 euros from 1 euro that it was yesterday.

    Meanwhile, Nea Odos has organized a new discount policy for frequent users in certain toll stations.

    The discount rate starts at 5% for the first ten times and reaches up to 50% if the driver passes from these stations more than 50 times per month.

    The fact that Greek members of the Parliament are exempt from paying any fees when passing by toll stations was not a surprise.

    The Greek Parliament decided that: “Any MP from a constituency outside of Athens, may request to be exempt from toll fees for five round-trips per month from their constituency to Athens.”


    1. MPs are exempt! Even if they had to pay, they would reclaim the expenses. And all this money is going to Goldman Sachs. The roads will certainly not improve.

    2. This is our corrupt country…We the long term unemployed are suffering from no benefits, food shortage, from no jobs, from no help what so ever while these FKNG politicians are having an easy life…

    3. OMFG! Lmfao.

      I can’t believe they got into the EU & are holding the Presidency for half the year. This proves that EU is corrupt within itself.