Patras: Man Rapes His Children

    courtroomA couple who had been in custody since May 2013, were involved in a case that shocked all of Greece.

    A 50-year-old man form Patras, was repeatedly raping his three children, a boy and two girls, forcing the boy to have intercourse with his mother.

    On Tuesday the Greek Mixed Jury Court in Pyrgos sentenced the father to 123 years in prison and the mother to 103 years in prison. They were accused of forcing their children to take part in orgies, in which they sometimes participated as well.

    The case was brought to light in May 2013 when one of the young girls spoke to a relative about their situation at home. The relative then called the organization “Smile of the Child” which then informed the Prosecutor for minors.

    The 50-year-old father forced his two underage daughters to have intercourse with him on a regular basis. He also forced his son to rape his own mother multiple times so the father could watch.

    The son, who is a minor, would have intercourse with his mother whenever his father ordered him to do so and it appears that his mother was willing and claims that she was afraid of her husband who was regularly drunk and out of control.

    However, when police officers pressured the mother she allegedly told them: “I wanted to make my boy a man, that’s why I did it.”

    The trial took place behind closed doors to protect the identity of the children who are minors.


    1. Wow – I’m speachless.
      Pederasty, pedophilia, incest, lies, fraud and sin – welcome to the reality show called Nea Grecia (modern Greece).
      Let me get this straight, was this an attempt to poorly immitate the ancient Greeks, so Greece could show some type of link between them, or was it just bad judgement on the side of the Church and the priests that “educated” them?


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