Greek Authorities Recover the Bodies of 4 Immigrants

immigrants On Friday, February 7, Greek authorities discovered the bodies of four immigrants. The immigrants drowned while a coast guard vessel was towing their boat last month.

The Greek divers recovered the bodies of two adults and two children from the bottom of the Aegean Sea.

According to the Greek coastguard there were also other bodies at the bottom of the sea but the authorities have not succeeded in their recovery.

Some of the survivors accused the Greek coastguard authorities of causing the accident by pushing their boat away toward Turkish territorial sea. These accusations triggered a strong reaction from several human rights groups and political parties. Greek prosecutors have since launched an investigation to examine what the exact cause of the accident was.

The Drowning of Immigrants has become a common phenomenon in Greece due to the so-called “push-backs.” After this last incident, Greece has been accused of violating the EU law by trying to push the boat back to Turkey.

However, the Greek authorities refused the accusations and stated that they were trying to tow the boat towards Greek territorial waters.

The Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has set illegal immigration as a priority for his government and for Greece’s European sixth month rotating presidency. Many are those who complain that Greece has been overwhelmed by immigrants, particularly in combination to Greece’s economic recession has boosted an anti-immigrant rhetoric. Nonetheless, there are many political parties and organizations who criticize this anti-immigrant sentiment as they claim that the Greek government has adopted xenophobic and racist policies.


  1. This article’s title sums up the treason of the Greek left. (cowards who shill for foreign powers hostile towards the very existence of the Greek people)

    It should say. Greek Authorities Recover the Bodies of 4 ILLEGALS.

  2. “Many are those who complain that Greece has been overwhelmed by immigrants, particularly in combination to Greece’s economic recession has boosted an anti-immigrant rhetoric”

    Immigrants ask. They don’t sneak in then rant “racism” when locals are hostile.

    Patriots and law abiding citizens oppose illegal migrants. Treasonous leftists wildly support illegal migrants.

  3. The treasonou leftist who wrote this sad article is such a coward he couldn’t even say the word illegal to describe those people.

    All leftists seem to do is parrot foreign funded leftist ngos like Amnesty Internation and news outlets like the Guardian… both of whom disgustingly try to downplay the Skopians quick change into descendents of ancient Macedonians.

  4. To our treasonous leftists that hear the word “human rights” and “racism” then throw their brains out the window…

    Here is a search page of Amnesty International’s alleged “human rights” website. Good luck find mentioning of the former Yugoslavians sudden transformation into ancient Macedonians and irredentism.

    And here is a search page for “human rights” website HRW. Again absolutely nothing about FYROM;s blatantly obvious identity change and irredentism.

    This is implicit silent collusion in FYROM’s attempts to ethnically delete the Greek people (to hide their shame for ridiculously calling them “Macedonians”). Go back to sleep now cowards.

  5. I am not extreme right follower and i don’t believe their ideology However illegal immigrants.come in the country uninvited and they put our coast guards life frequently in danger trying to rescue them often in treacherous weather conditions.I do feel sympathy for the war refugees but most of the immigrants landing in our shores day and night are illegals and often lie about the treatment they receive to gain sympathy. there are no jobs to be found in Greece now and the majority of them turn to crime as soon as they arrive.Greece is not responsible for their misfortune and right now they are unable to cope with the thousands that fleeing to our country using it as a passage to enter Europe but remain for years in Greece.A solution must be found and soon.As for the Amnesty International I have for them a kind suggestion.Perhaps they could be charitable enough and take a few shiploads of them into their noble countries.

  6. There is NO WAR going on in Turkey. Therefore any Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Sub-Saharan African and any 3rd Worlder in general who is from a war torn nation and enters Turkey is safe in Turkey. The moment these 3rd Worlders decide to leave Turkey and attempt to enter Greece they lose any right to claim refugee status as there is NO WAR in Turkey. They are simply illegal economic immigrants.

  7. I am not an extreme right or extreme left. I am just calling out treason. Many of the left in Greece are cowards that have betrayed their own country. If the flood of illegals don’t stop there will be no Greece in a few decades.

    The self-righteous unelected POS that work at Am-Nasty International act as if they run our sovereign homeland. If our politicians had an ounce of courage they would kick these NGOs to the curb for their criminal support of mass illegal immigration and for their collusion with the Skopians. Of course they won’t though because if they did all the treasonous leftists would come out of the woodwork and rant “racism” and “fascism”. (as this offensive article written by a Greek leftist clearly shows)

    Meanwhile in the rest of the world they deport illegals. EU countries, with far less illegals per capita than Greece were shipping them back to Greece under terms of Dublin 2. Even today, they refuse to change Dublin to accept these illegals themselves. Instead they use Greece as a dumping ground and send pseudo “human rights” organizations to demonize Greeks for objecting to mass illegal immigration into our sovereign country.

    In Greece our leftist cowards can’t even say the word ILLEGAL to describe them.

  8. It’s just like all the Turkoglou’s in Greece sudden transform into Ancient Spartans. The irony of you Greeks.

    Now, all you have to do is transform these Afghans into 100% Greeks like Abed Aloush has been converted

  9. I have noticed the GR has removed the names of the authors from most of their reports and opinions. While it is entirely their right to do so, some will view this as unprofessional, in the military it would be called cowardice in the face of the enemy, the “enemy” being the readers.

  10. Amnesty International is only concerned about media coverage and contributions. They almost never accept responsibility for the care and welfare of the people they present themselves as being their guardians.

  11. I feel very sorry for these migrants because they escape corrupt, violent, and poor third world countries only to land in a fourth world dump full of useless greeks.


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