Tsipras: If I Get Elected…

Alexis Tsipras

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the leader of the Greek major opposition party Alexis Tsipras revealed his future plans in the case that he is elected Greek prime minister.

Tsipras, who is currently paying a three-day visit to Italy in light of the upcoming EU elections, mentioned in the interview that 2014 will be an election year and revealed what his first actions as Greek PM would be.

“I would be reviewing the current bankrupt bailout package imposed on Greece and also the entire European policy on responding to the crisis,” he said, while underlining that the solution to the crisis would not be found with Greece exiting the eurozone.

The Greek politician also mentioned that he would seek help in Italy if he was to become head of the government in Greece, so as to combat Angela Merkel’s politics together with the other southern EU countries.

“What has happened since 2008 will be taught in business schools, so as to be prevented in the future. The crisis is the product of a monetary asymmetry. The European political establishment, which was backed by people’s parties and socialists, worsened the situation. But why did they do this? In order to save the banks which held state bonds belonging to countries with large debts,” said the SYRIZA leader, upon being asked about the European financial crisis.

Tsipras also talked about the need of a European “New Deal” and a new EU convention on debt modeled on the one of 1953, which wrote off a big chunk of Germany’s debt enabling the country to grow, and added, “The European Central Bank should act as a true central bank, like the Fed in the U.S., which lends money to states and not to banks.”

Referring to Golden Dawn, the Greek leader said that the party is a “political product of liberalism,” mentioning that it rose to power during the years of austerity.


  1. tsipras is wrong. the us federal reserve gives $ directly to the banks, not the state. as of december 2011, the total amount of the bailouts from the federal reserve to the banks was ~ 30 trillion in DIRECT aid ( see here http://www.levyinstitute.org/pubs/wp_698.pdf ). every iteration of QE goes directly to the banks as the federal reserve is buying US treasuries and mortgage bonds directly from bank inventory (at par as well) . much of this $ goes to european banks w/ foreign subsidiaries, which is how the US federal reserve is bailing out Germany (deutsche bank) and all the other insolvent northern european banks (compare cash holdings of foreign banks to fed excess reserves.) all these ongoing bank bailouts, both us and european, do nothing for the state or the common man. it is the biggest wealth transfer from the lower classes to the connected elite.

  2. Tsipiras is a communist. Anything that comes out of his mouth is morally and intellectually suspect. I can understand frustration with current parties (as they helped get us into this mess) but it’s still very troubling that nearly half our electorate are going to the extreme of voting for communists and fascists. It will only further harm our country.

  3. “Referring to Golden Dawn, the Greek leader said that the party is a “political product of liberalism,” mentioning that it rose to power during the years of austerity.”

    It rose to power because of all the treasonous imbeciles (mostly on the left but not exclusive so). Many of these fools that think every foreigner loves greeks has no idea many foreigners (including alleged “human rights” groups) are literally trying to subtlly ethnically delete the Greek people (to cover up their shame for calling Skopians “Macedonians”) Wake up Greeks. Our very ethnic existence is under attack.

  4. Below is an excerpt from an article released today by the Financial Times titled: “Golden Dawn prepares for election race”

    “Some analysts now predict that Golden Dawn could win 15-20 per cent of the vote in May’s European parliament elections – even challenging the centre-right New Democracy party of Antonis Samaras, the prime minister, for second place behind the far-left Syriza party, the main opposition.”


  5. He is a liar, IF he get elected, he will allow more and more illegal refugees to stay in Greece which will bring more crimes, he will also give FYROM the Greek name of Macedonia and he will present the Aegean sea to the turks.. The financial condition in Greece will be worse. This man is dangerous.. Greece don’t need another socialist government…. Most of the members of SYRIZA are ex PASOK, and we all know what PASOK did, they said Yes on this ridiculous bailout packages when they should have said NO!! [email protected] all these corrupt old [email protected] politicians….

  6. If Tsipras gets elected, he will be the next turd in power with nothing more than the losers who left the other parties to help finally destroy Greece.

  7. Irrespective of which political party is on the rise, now begins the endless drone of “tha,tha, tha, tha”.

  8. thes8niki – You are correct. What Tsipiras is describing is how the Federal Reserve SHOULD operate, unfortunately not how it currently does.

  9. Great conspiracy theory. Do you really think the rest of the world could give a crap about your inconsequential issues? There are much more important things going on in the world. MACEDONIA and greece combined amount to only a drag on the world. You contribute nothing, only blame everyone else.

  10. Aren’t the elections his talking about in 2016? By then, Golden Dawn will be the only logical choice in the ballot box. The economy would likely get sh!tier by then too.

  11. Go get your own identity Skopian. Stop trying to ethnically detete Greesk. You are blatently obviously not Macedonians.

  12. So scum Canadian ….the truth is revealed.
    You are a Skopian Stinkpot!
    How can you call Macedonia by its rightful name when the area of FYROM was never ( except for a very small part) part of the original ancient Macedonia.
    The country in question has been named & renamed frequently and consits of many ethnic groups who don’t give a stuff about the name.