FT: New Democracy-Golden Dawn Battle for 2nd Place in Elections

FT_Golden_EUInternational analysts of the British newspaper “Financial Times” see a head-to-head battle between the conservative New Democracy and the ultranationalist Golden Dawn for securing the second place in the upcoming EU elections, following the sure victory of the leftists SYRIZA.

“Some analysts foresee now that Golden Dawn could get 15% to 20% in the May EU elections and threaten the second place of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ party,” reveals the FT article.

Ilias Kasidiaris: We aren’t neo-Nazis

The article makes extensive reference to the possibility of outlawing the neo-Nazi party because of illegal activities and goes into the creation of the new “National Dawn” party, while also hosting statements by Ilias Kasidiaris, Golden Dawn MP and candidate mayor for the city of Athens.

“The government wants to outlaw Golden Dawn, which would equal a destructive coup to the political system of Greece. National Dawn was created to represent the thousands of Greek patriots and to run in the elections if we get outlawed,” said Kasidiaris in the interview with FT.

“National Dawn’s list will include well-respected candidates, like retired armed forces generals, academics and doctors. They will receive strong support by the growing numbers of Greek nationalists,” he added.

“The government’s goal was to put me in jail before the elections, so that I wouldn’t be able to speak publicly,” said Kasidiaris, who took up the leadership of the party after the arrest of Nikos Michaloliakos a couple of months ago. He added, “I will continue to be a candidate, unless they pass a law depriving me of my civil rights.”

The Financial Times also discussed the popularity of Golden Dawn, which declined after Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas was killed by a member of the party, but has since then risen again to about 10%, after the murder of two Golden Dawn members on November 1 last year triggered a wave of sympathy towards the party.

“We are not extremists, fascists or neo-Nazis as they support. They just want to prevent a popular nationalistic organization. Unfortunately, there are judges in Greece who adhere to specific party interests,” mentioned Ilias Kasidiaris.

New Poll shows battle between New Democracy and SYRIZA

Meanwhile, a new Greek poll published on Saturday indicated that the parties New Democracy and SYRIZA are very close to securing first place, with SYRIZA taking the lead in local and EU elections with just 0.3% and 0.8% respectively. The polled sample believes that SYRIZA would win the elections if they were to be held tomorrow, but thinks though that the most capable prime minister would be Antonis Samaras (with 45.4%).

According to the poll, the battle between SYRIZA and New Democracy for the top two spots in both elections is followed by Golden Dawn, KKE and ANEL. PASOK and DIMAR that ranks last in the poll.


  1. LOL! Wow, 1543 comments • 679 votes. Clearly, not many people enjoy the crap you peddle.

    As for your post: who cares what *some* website’s members speculate? Golden Dawn are still rising — all attempts to smear have failed. Get a new hobby, cock smoker.

  2. That’s a nice imagination you have there. Did you receive that revelation from your last LSD or pot trip?

  3. He’s not; you’re committing a strawman fallacy by saying he is.

    He said SYRIZA would beat New Democracy — Golden Dawn will as well; ND is dead. He wasn’t cheering them, moron.

  4. A great tragedy when a man becomes so self assured, self absorbed in his career, possessions and petty privileges.. It’s a true Pharisee’s disease..

  5. That’s why in after Serbian elections next month and Greece’s in May at the Euro elections, “new constitutions” are being prepared by both our respective traitors, at the behest of their western usurious pay masters..

  6. Alas, Turkey IS that stupid. I call it “auto-destructive efficiency syndrome”, ever since the “young turk” revolution over a century ago. Just look at the internal state of the government, blunders against Syria, even against Egypt.. Putin is no match for Turkey? !

  7. Within a few hours of this thread going up it was deleted by Stormfront staff. Why would they delete it with such speed if they agreed with it? Furthermore the other stormfronters posting on the thread condemned those two posts you quote. It’s also well known that there are many Leftists and also FBI agents on the stormfront website (which hosts over 300000 registered members) who deliberately try to initiate divisive threads. On stormfront they are derided as trolls and their threads are rapidly shutdown as in this case.

    It just so happens that Golden Dawn is the most popular Aryan political movement on “neo-nazi” stormfront (“neo-nazi” is your label. Stormfront labels itself “White Nationalist”).

    Finally, for what it’s worth, certain trolls on stormfront have even created threads questioning whether the Chief of the SS Heinrich Himmler is Aryan, and stating that he has Asiatic features. In that context it can be understood that there will always be Leftist and FBI agent provovateurs on stormfront, but stormfront staff and members easily spot them and shut them down.

  8. It just so happens that Golden Dawn is the most popular Aryan political movement on “neo-nazi” stormfront (“neo-nazi” is your label. Stormfront labels itself “White Nationalist”).

  9. Golden Dawns struggle is not only for the Hellenic branch of the Aryan race but for all Aryan peoples. We Golden Dawners will just as happily shed our blood fighting against the Jew and mud hordes to defend Germany or France or Italy or Sweden or Spain or Holland or Serbia or England or any European brother nation that requested our support as we would for Holy Hellas!
    Our support will also be ultimately lent to help liberate the peoples of Aryan descent that make up the majority of the populations of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & lets not forget the tens of millions of people of White European descent residing in Uruguay, Southern Brazil, Argentina, Chile, who are living amongst masses of non-Whites.

  10. Golden Dawn New York is gaining mass support amongst people of Hellenic descent in New York, and from all White European, and North American Aryan organizations. Last year the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) welcomed Golden Dawn in New York. Here is the link.

    The name Ku Klux Klan comes from the Greek word (κύκλος) 
    which means circle, suggesting a circle, or band of brothers.

    This is a photo of Golden Dawn New York’s first gathering for 2014, held in January!
    Ζήτω η Χρυσή Αυγή!


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