Cephalonia: Residents Still Suffering

Cephalonia damagesThe situation on the island of Cephalonia, Greece turned dire after the second powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 hit the island last week.

The continuous aftershocks rocking the island are worsening the life of the locals who cannot return to their homes and are looking for a safe place to stay. According to data released by the president of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) Stavros Travlos, from a total of 3,000 houses, 1,400 have already been declared unfit for the time being.

Most neighborhoods in Lixouri are now empty, with destroyed houses and buildings. The provincial road network that connects Lixouri and Argostoli has been extensively damaged and the authorities fear landfalls because of the continuous aftershocks. Schools are expected to open next week when all the required audits for child safety are complete.

Another Ship for the Residents

A cruise ship arrived at Lixouri on Sunday noon with a capacity of 600. The ship will accommodate the locals who have been spending the night in their cars.

As the Mayor of Cephalonia stressed, the moral and material support towards the victims and the solidarity expressed from the rest of Greece and abroad are really appreciated by the locals.

Tourist season won’t be affected

The earthquake didn’t change the plans of the tourist agencies for the coming tourist season. According to Spyros Galiatsatos, president of Cephalonia and Ithaca Hotel Association, foreign tourist agencies asked him about the image and the situation of Cephalonia after the earthquakes. He gave them specific details about the situation of the island and they assured him that there will be no cancellations for the coming tourist season.


  1. Get the Greek church to pay for the damages.They are rich and this is their role.Preaching good and charity for the others is not enough.

  2. The Greek church does far more charity than Syriza. Communists are primarily good for demanding money from others not voluntarily giving it. (abusing state force to steal from others.)

  3. The Greek church is part of the 1%. Do you really expect them to give away what the people of Greece and elsewhere gave to them? Not a chance.

  4. What they got and is plenty it was given to them by the Ottomans for services rendered.Jesus did not have nothing to himself.These sanctimonious Farises should change their mercedes for small cars like the Pope of Rome and open the church’s large purse to the poor and stop interfering in the affairs of state.Anyway is about time Greece becomes secular.


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